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Silvermine Studio



434 Long Branch Rd.
Marshall, NC 28753
United States
T: (828)649-0573


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The Great Slide


The Great Slide is a four piece ensemble that operates out of the mountains of Asheville, NC. Through the use of a multi- instrumentalist lineup, the band works from a diverse palette of sounds. This creates a strong musical foundation which allows for creative vocal concepts. The music lives in the place between the song and the experiment. This is where The Great Slide becomes a collective movement.

Profile and Credentials        

The four members of The Great Slide have been working together since 1996. Originally known as Dr. Hoffman's Travelling Medicine Show, they lived together in a large farmhouse in Rochester, NY. This is where the group came to know one another on a deep level and began the process of writing original material. The space also provided for a wide variety of experimentation.
In 1999, the opportunity arose to relocate everyone to Asheville, NC to record in a large warehouse. After the move, a hiatus from gigging took place for two years while the band worked on constructing a recording and rehearsal space inside the warehouse now known as The Silvermine. It was during this time off that the name change took place and a great deal of energy was put into new material. All four members are multi-instumentalists lending to a wide palette of sounds to draw from. The maturing of the overall sound has reflected this. With the Silvermine operating as a functional facility, the band has again found themselves in a position to take on gigging once again.

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