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Stacy Lewis, CPM



Schertz, TX 78154
United States
T: 210-296-8661


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Stacy Lewis, CPM


You’ll always remember the sound of that first cry, the first time you felt the tiny hand grasp your finger, watched the sleepy eyes open and gaze into yours. The birth of your child is an experience unlike any other. We invite you to see why parents are choosing midwives to assist them in bringing their miracle into the world.

Profile and Credentials        

NARM Certified Professional Midwife Texas Documented Midwife, Texas Department of Health (TDH) NARM Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) American Red Cross CPR and First Aid, 1986-2004 American Heart Association Neonatal Pulmonary Resuscitation (NPR), 1998-2005 Suturing for Advanced Practice Nurses, Amarillo College 2000 Newborn Screen Procedure Training, Galveston, TX 1996 Water Birth and the Newborn Certification in Phlebotomy, 1998 Sonographic Evaluation of the Fetal Head, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Ultrasound Characteristics of the Placenta, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Breath of Life: Embryology and Pathophysiology, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Sonogram in Pregnancy, General Electric GE 7000 series 4D Ultrasound Hydrotheraphy During Labor, 1996 Pain Management without Drugs, 1999 Diagnosis Through Sonography, 2002

Philosophy and Comments        

Our mission is to assist parents in experiencing a secure, happy pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum period. We support and educate parents to empower them to make choices about the most special event in life: birth!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

No Charge   Consultation Meet and greet. Bring questions. $2500       Prenatal, labor/delivery, postpartum, newborn exam  $250      10% Deposit is non-refundable. Due when contract is signed.   $75         Lab fees for cash pay. Private insurance covers labs. Monthly payments required and balance due by 36 weeks. Private insurance will be verified. Most health insurance pays for midwife-assisted birth. Insurance co-pays very from $1000-$1800. The balance is collected from the insurance company following the birth. Payment plans are available. Payments are expected at each prenatal. A birth kit and a few additional supplies need to be purchased by 36 weeks. The cost of the birth kit is around $50.





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