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Guenevere Seastrom



Namaste Yoga and Healing Center
Asheville, NC 28802
United States
T: 828-253-6985


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Guenevere Seastrom


Energetic and physical healing through the Ritual of Massage and Energywork. We will co-create a safe and sacred space for you to journey into your own feeling of health. Energywork, such as Reiki and Chakra Balancing, can be performed totally off the body. LomiLomi, Swedish and Deep tissue work to release muscle tension in different ways. We can be elaborate or very simple within the space of our session.

Profile and Credentials        

Graduated in massage from Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, NM Level 3 Reiki Tummo training with Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study LomiLomi training (Hawaiian massage) received at the Center for Massage and Bodywork in Asheville.

Philosophy and Comments        

It is my goal to experience pleasure and complexity everyday by conscious choice and to honor wherever I am on the scale. I bring this, an honoring of individual realities, into every healing session. I am blessed to be on this path.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Namaste Yoga and Healing Center: 828-253-6985 Call at any time to schedule appointments. $35 1/2hour, $60 1 hour, $80 1 1/2hours





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