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Suzi Tucker - Family Constellations Workshops, Seminars & Sessions

Suzi Tucker


Redding Ridge, CT 06876
United States


We are shaped by two often conflicting drives: to stay with what we know and to move forward.

In accord with our drive to stay safe, we adopt in childhood whatever responses are at hand, telling certain stories about how we act and acting in line with those stories. When care is lacking, we cling to what we have and stay connected to the past through anger, sadness, anxiety, loyalty to whoever's nearest. But when we look at the world missing a sense of love, we misjudge it, make desperate decisions, and find ourselves impatient, or stuck, or both.

The family of origin is the essential place to remember, develop, and protect love, since knots and hardships in the family of origin present the largest obstacles to knowing love in the first place. But one who knows love looking back is one who can recognize love moving forward.

Through Family Constellations, we focus on bringing the various facts of our lives into harmony and order with a new narrative -- the literal course of life over generations -- learning the roles of gratitude, reciprocity, and responsibility. We find that it is empowering, and in our power, to know love where we had not before -- to be in accord with the forward movement of life -- and that this peace allows us, in day-to-day living, to be engaged, patient, and endlessly creative.

Family Constellations are an embodied, group approach, as much a space to come together in mutual service as a space to directly and personally experience new resources. A workshop is a pause in business -- room to breathe, to connect, to see and be seen whole. Because we already, instinctively, "map" essential relationships, events, and forces in predictable ways, we can give form as representatives to spontaneous, responsive pictures of our family systems. Much of the learning and sense of well being in Family Constellations happens when we contribute as representatives, heightening our own awareness of the ways events and beliefs are held and passed among us through body language, empathy, and metaphor.

Monthly workshops, seminars, and immersions take place in New York City year-round, drawing participants from the tristate area. Offerings in the Midwest (Chicago and regularly Louisville, Kentucky), Portland (Oregon), and Florida can be found at suzitucker.com.

Profile and Credentials        

Suzi Tucker became interested in the work of Bert Hellinger while Editor-in-Chief of Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Publishers. Following an active career in publishing, she cofounded the Bert Hellinger Institute, USA, LLC, and subsequently went on to study, teach, and facilitate family constellations on her own. Now a longtime professional in the field, Suzi brings to her facilitation a particular blend of clarity, warmth, humor, and commitment to authenticity. Whoever you are, she can speak your language. She continues to be a close consultant on Hellinger’s writing and now teaches across the United States and Canada. Suzi is the author of Gather Enough Fireflies (2014), and will release Dear Past, I Am Present and Family Constellations: A Handbook of Ways and Means in 2017.

Philosophy and Comments        

We can see in a Constellation -- reflected in the words, actions, bodies, and orientations of clients and representatives -- places in a family system where folks have turned off or away from life moving forward, and we create an opportunity to bring ourselves back into alignment with that forward movement -- back to love.

"This work is always in tune with the vocabulary of the questioner, not the belief system of the facilitator. I think of myself as being on a team, in positive relationship with all whom you hold dear. My goal is to help you look forward, feeling peaceful, connected, and free; constellations help us come to a wider space for action, but they don’t tell us which decision to make."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

MONTHLY WORKSHOPS in New York City are usually held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, near Lincoln Center.

Check website for current dates.

MULTIDAY WORKSHOPS are offered around the country throughout the year, and can be found on our website. Some are two or three days long, while IMMERSIONS are generally six days and allow us to take a vacation from everyday living and restore a sense of connection, understanding, and inspiration.

Formats and options        

Monthly workshops are held in Long Island and are open to all. Check my website for current dates.

A new 8-month course begins in April in Manhattan at the New York Open Center! Information and registration at opencenter.org. It is open to any level of student.

Two events coming up in April (Writing and Constellations) and in August (a weeklong Constellation Immersion) being hosted by Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Check out their website or mine for information and registration: Kripalu.org. Open to all.

And my new Mentoring Space -- open to folks who have had at least one year of Constellation education -- begins in April in Long Island. Designed for intensive facilitation practice, it has just a couple of spaces left (15 students maximum). Visit my website to find out more!

One-on-One Individual Sessions        

For more information or to schedule a session, See This Page

Conducted by phone, by skype, or in person, individual work is a lively, improvisational experience in which my many years of Constellation teaching and learning are brought to bear on the issues at hand. In our first session, we will consider the question for which you are reaching out for help. For me, problems are abbreviations for ways of being in the world. Thus we are looking to identify the larger or more essential dynamic in order to successfully address present obstacles to well-being.

In the next sessions, we will collaborate in the discovery of systemic resources that allow change to happen. Through guided imagery, story-telling, and exercises to ensure that people are in the right time zone, new images of resilience and love will emerge. Then your wellspring can be always filled with fresh water, continually replenished. At first it is a practice ... then it is a way.

People set their own schedules. Only the individual knows the right time, the right voice, the right amount. I have gotten to know people over years of accompaniment and I have met with others just a few times.

$150.00/hr - Sessions are available Monday-Friday at 10:00AM, 11:15AM, and 1:00PM. There may be room to negotiate the time (no evenings). Please request a slot, and Suzi will be in touch via email.

Gather Enough Fireflies by Suzi Tucker        

Gather Enough Fireflies by Suzi Tucker is now available at amazon.com

(paperback and Kindle)

As life rushes by, it’s easy to lose our ground, to fly off into parts of our mind and body we don’t recognize and can’t seem to navigate. Suzi Tucker makes quick work of this disorientation, introducing novel ways to reclaim clarity, love, and order in ourselves, in the world, and across the generations of our families.

This is a book meant for your bedside table or to be slipped into your backpack; its contents address every sort of overwhelm and despair. These are snapshots of a life lived in balance with others and in accord with creative, forward movement. Like the light from a thousand fireflies, these words can keep us present and connected in even “the darkest night of the heart.”

For more information or to order, See This Page


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