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Celine (Gulabo) Cloutier



335 Chemin Vanier
Gatineau, QUEBEC J9J 1E8
T: 819-682-0205
F: 819-682-1922


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Are you taking care of your emotions? Use tree essences!

I will be happy to speak with you about what it is that keeps you away from being truly happy and finding your truth. Once you touch the root of suffering and bring it to consciousness, the tree essences will help disolve the unnecessary bagage Get in touch with your power and inner strength. The powerful resonance of trees are available to you! Visit our website at www.essences.ca Email Gulabo for a free consultation! Heart to Heart with Gulabo. Namaste!

Profile and Credentials        

D.E.C. in Special Education

B.A.C. in Psychology and dance Therapy.

20 years teaching

25 years in meditation

10 years in councelling.

Women are leading the way in healing themselves and exploring new pathways. This essence is for women who are doing it all and may feel overwhelmned at times by all the challenges of life. Put it all together!

Philosophy and Comments        

It is everyone's birthright to experience total joy and prosperity.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Free Consultation. Send an email anytime of the day.

A note about the Children's Happy Helping Potion. I used to be a knidergarten teacher and director at a Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) school I developed this essence while I was teaching. Children love it, it is gently comforting. For adults too it helps heal childhood wounds and reconnect with our inner child.

A best selling essence for stress        

Millenium deals with stress and anxiety about the future. Here's what Yvonne Perc, from

Island Healthworks and Wellness tells us about the effect of the essence:

I work with emotional problems, as well as physical, and the Millenium Journey

Helps people that are in high stressed jobs, and families, that never seem to be able to unwind. What they are saying: I can’t quite put my finger on it but I am able to cope. I am sleeping better. I’m not grinding my teeth any more. I don’t hate going to work. I’m not running around quite so much. I have learned to say no.

Thank you.

Essence work great with animals        

A few years ago we nursed some squirrels that had lost their mother. So beautiful, each squirrel we gave a name as they each had their own personality.

We make 3 Animal Care Essences that are easy to administer. They work great because anims have no mind to get in the way and are very sensitive to the eneergy of our tree essences.

Pets have emotions too!        

Animal Rescue works with animals of any age.

My Family - Daniel Tigner and my son Jason        

Here we are a few years ago on our summer vacation by the ocean in Gaspe, Quebec. You could see whales from where we were.

Daniel is my partner with the essences and Jason is now 17 and off to college in the fall.

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