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maggie sinton



p.o box 1056 canningvale west aust
perth, wa 6147
T: 93519346
F: 9351 9346


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Channeled angel energy in readings and direct healing.... Contact with guardian angel in healing meditation Reiki+ Angel Healing Reiki+ Crystal healing Reiki + Massage Reiki+ Guided Meditation to Healing Temples. Ear candle with guided meditation or reiki Past life work to heal the present situation or help with release of a habit...... Tarot Reading..... Medium Readings.... Spiritual Councelling .... Guided Meditation.... Massage .

Profile and Credentials        

7th GENERATION PSYCHIC OF THE ROMANY PEOPLE high priestess of wicca editor of the magazine SACRED JOURNEYS PORTALS FOR THE AWAKENING SOUL REIKI...Past Life ..Medium....radio show in mandurah. meditation at burswood casino. travels across W.A doing readings and workshops. I have a lifetime experience working in this area maternal name can be traced directly back to 12 ad Celtic Britain where the women were priestess of the sun. I work with a channelled entity called White Wolf. At this time i do monthly readings for newspapers and Universal Mind mag. I do private readings and magical work for clients..as well as reiki and crystal healing...i find the combination of hands on healing + crystals +music+guided imagary works well for me. I often combine massage and reiki in the one session....or reiki and ear candleing is a wonderfull combo

Philosophy and Comments        

It is my aim to make magical practises available to all.... with out the coven secrecy and thus lift the veil that tempts many into illusion...with knowledge one can make informed choices. the healing energies of the universe, are in my opinion available ,and readily usable to all... not just a chosen few. By lifting the veil of secrecy ,one also lessens the control ego type who are attraced to this area and the young wide eyed innocents it prowls upon...this i feel is a field of healing ...returning the power to the self. I believe every soul is on a journey and has the right to follow his/her own drum...no matter it be different than the norm...I believe in the God and Goddess and the ultimate divine energy of creative union...I love and chat with angels and feel all need to be able to do this...I chat with god and the contact is wonderfull ...again I feel a healing area that all need access to.. I believe in allowing all the right to worship, where and how they choose....I believe we are standing on the threshold of a magic new worlds and I am honored to be part of the unfolding

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am available most days or at least one week in two my direct tarot line is always available from 8am ...8pm 1902.210.402 Personal BookingsPHONE 9351 93 46..1 hour ..$60..bring tape and photos..... via email or mail Full reading $60 Angel reading...1 question..$10 2..questions....$20 3...questions...$25...... channelled reading by White Wolf as per angel reading.... Past life readings ...up to six past life records.. mail or email $40.. healings ..my home...$40 per hour work shops .....set at time of holding t/shirts......$20 and under wholesale TAROT line...$3.50 per min p/mob x magazine SACRED JOURNEY PORTALS FOR THE AWAKENING SOUL...$5.95 +$2post/pack half yearly....$23.75 post inc





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