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Holly Tashian



PO Box 150921
Nashville, TN 37215
United States
T: 615-383-1875
F: 615-292-6722


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Nashville Essential Feng Shui


Holly Tashian is a Feng Shui consultant, workshop leader and professional speaker. She trained with the Western School of Feng Shui and is a Mentor and a member of the Speakers Bureau for the School. Her practice includes businesses and residences with excellent references available. Ms. Tashian has studied with Terah Collins, Denise Linn and Anthony Lawlor. She is also a Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner and dowser for geopathic stress. She is the owner of Nashville Essential Feng Shui established in 1999.

Profile and Credentials        

Owner of Nashville Essential Feng Shui, certified consultant with advanced training from The Western School of Feng Shui,NLP practitioner, mentor,
professional speaker and workshop leader

Philosophy and Comments        

My mission is to encourage, train and advise people to live in harmony with their environment, and to enhance their lives using the tools of Feng Shui for positive results.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please contact Nashville Essential Feng Shui directly. Fees vary from $100 per hour for local consultation, to $150 plus travel for distant consultations. Phone and video consultations available.





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