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Harry Hepcat


By 1955, Harry "got the rock & roll bug". His first guitar came in early 1956. By 1958, Harry Hepcat was already performing with bands and recording. Evolving with the music current in the 1960s, Harry always included fifties material in his act. In 1967, he decided to devote himself solely to fifties rock and roll. He's been recording and performing ever since. Harry Hepcat performed for the original Broadway cast of "Grease". The fifties actors stated, "Hepcat's great! He's New York's best kept secret. We only act it; it's such a pleasure to hear the real thing". Here then is the real thing, from fifties rock-a-billy classics to original Hepcat compositions like, "Sunrise Special", a tribute to the rise of Sun records and its artists. Bill Nolan, Connecticut disc jockey and founder of the Rhythm and Blues/Rock & Roll Society, said it all, "Jerry Lee Lewis couldn't do "Great Balls of Fire" better than Harry Hepcat....Harry Hepcat isn't an imitator, he is an original rock and roller from the 1950s.

Profile and Credentials        

RECORD COMPANY Catalogue # TITLE YEAR SCOTT 6184 (USA) "Weekend Wail" / "Coastin" 1958 SONIC 5066 (USA) "That's All Right Mama" / "The Break of Day" 1964 GRAFFITI 101-A,B (New York City, USA) See collector's note #1 below "Little Darlin'" / "Streakin' U.S.A." 1974 DEE-JAY JAMBOREE 106 (Germany) "Go Cat Go" / "Mean Cat Daddy" (under the name Harold Jackson) 1975 RESURRECTION 6380 (USA) "Sea Cruise" / "Great Balls of Fire" 1977 EP'S --- Extended Play: RECORD COMPANY Catalogue # EP TITLE YEAR REBOP 965 (Cincinati, Ohio, USA) HARRY HEPCAT: "Good Rockin' Tonight" / "Shake, Rattle & Roll" "Boogie Chillun" / "Go Cat, Go" 1976 AETERNUS EPA-102 (Long Island, NY, USA) SUNRISE SPECIAL: "The Sunrise Special" / "Twenty Flight Rock" / "Bull Jive" / "Boppin' the Blues" 1981 LP'S --- Long Play (vinyl): RECORD COMPANY Catalogue # ALBUM TITLE YEAR DEE-JAY JAMBOREE DJ-LP 2048 (Germany) "GO CAT, GO" All 14 cuts by Harry Hepcat 1985 BISON BOP LP Vol.2 Bb-LP 2001 (Germany) See collector's note #2 below "THE BOP THAT NEVER STOPPED" side A, cut #3, "Milkcow Blues Boogie" 1979 NERVOUS records 048 (England) "AMERICAN ROCKABILLY" Side A, cut #3 "Gonna Slice You Baby" (psychobilly version) 12"vinyl edition 1988 CD edition 1994 HEPCAT CASSETTE (USA) "REAL TO REEL" Early Sessions 19 cuts by Harry Hepcat Tape cassette only. 1997 CD'S --- Compact Disc: RECORD COMPANY Catalogue # ALBUM TITLE YEAR X LG 7022 (New York City, USA) "RAUNCHY ROCK & ROLL" "Streakin' U.S.A." Cut #8 1995 J!MCO Records JICK-89197 (Japan) "AMERICAN NEO-ROCKABILLY COLLECTION" cut #3 "Gonna Slice You Baby" 1994 "ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME" Vol. One http://www.rockabillyhall. com/HarryHepcat.html (USA) "Drinkin" Wine" 1998 MP3 #692944273658-10503 http://www.mp3.com /harryhepcat (USA) "CRUISIN' WITH HARRY HEPCAT" 10 cuts by Hepcat. 1999 AETERNUS 102456 http://www.iuma.com/IUMA/ Bands/Harry_Hepcat/index.html (USA) "STORIES OF THE 50s" 13 cuts by Hepcat (original stories & songs) 1999 ACE Records Number CDCHD 825 (USA) "21st CENTURY DOO-WOP" "Darling Lorraine" Cut #21 2002 EARLY BIRD Records EBCD 1006 (USA) "MICKEY B's JUKEBOX REVIEW" Vol. 2 "Baby I Love You So" 2003

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

COLLECTOR'S NOTE #1:        

In 1976, as a special tribute, a limited edition of "Streakin' U.S.A." was released on Edison cylinder records.COLLECTOR'S NOTE #2: On a limited number of Bison Bop 2001 issues Harry Hepcat was identified as Harold Jackson by error and the album had the wrong photo. These copies were released first. When the change was made Hepcat was correctly identified and the album was given a new back cover that featured a large picture of Hepcat.




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