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HCH Institute

Dr. Holly Holmes-Meredith, D. Min, MFT


3702 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
United States
T: 925 283-3941
F: 283-9044

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As one of the first hypnotherapy schools in the US, HCH Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Spiritual Trainings provides CA approved and registered professional certification courses in Hypnotherapy, Energy Therapy, Coaching for Helping Professionals and Parapsychological Studies. HCH offers the most thorough training available providing 200 hour Hypnotherapy Certification courses and on-site internships where graduates provide hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki, and Coaching in the HCH low-fee clinic. Our graduates are the most highly trained and competent in providing ethical, empowering and skillful services that support clients in healing themselves. $30/session by appt. at clinic w/ interns. Video conference sessions with Holly available.

Profile and Credentials        

Clinical Director Holly Holmes-Meredith is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and a doctorate candidate in Ministry. She has been training hypnotherapists since 1986 when she became the owner of HCH. HCH has the status of a California licensed and registered Institute and is approved and registered by the Board of Private Post-seconary and Vocational Education, the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, The Board of Registered Nursing and the Board of Behavioral Science to offer continuing educationn to RNs, MFTs and LCSWs. HCH is also the only Hypnotherapy School in CA to be Board approved by the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT) to train regression therapists. Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, Clinical Director, sees individual clients at HCH and also does video conferencing sessions on-line in hypnotherapy, EFT. EMDR and psychotherapy.

Philosophy and Comments        

HCH sets the world standards for teaching clinical and transpersonal, client-empowered, non-hierarchical. forms of healing. The HCH healing approaches honor that all healing comes from within. The hypnotherapy, Energy Therapy and Coaching techniques all directly engage the client's inner wisdom as a co-therapist in the process of healing . We teach and model that being present witht the client and staying out of the client's way is the key to the magic and grace of healing and transformation. Our classes are taught on site at HCH in our beautiful and retreat-like setting surrounded by oak trees and hills providing a nurturing and supportive environment for classroom learning and practiice sessions. Class sizes are small enough to ensure personal supervision and written feedback by the instructors of diad practice sessions . Come to HCH and experience the highest quality of learning while you grow personally and transform your professional life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

200 Hour Hypnotherapy Certification courses are offered year round in a four-month weekend format or a six-week summer intensive. Our Energy Therapy Certification includes Reiki I and II, EFT, Soul Healing as core required classes and an elective such as Quantum Touch, Reiki Master training or Boundaries for Energy Healers. Our Coaching for Helping Professionals is a four module course offered one weekend each month . Our Certification in Parapsychological Studies is offered on site and also as a home study course. Loyd Auerbach, MA, author and professional parapsychologist teaches all courses.

Overview of HCH Hypnotherapy Training        

Training hypnotherapists since 1977, HCH Institute provides year round certification trainings in Hypnotherapy as a California approved school. Our program is transpersonal and integrates the teaching of solid ethical clinical skills and Ericksonian non-directive hypnotherapy with practical and spiritual techniques such as NLP, psychosynthesis, regression therapy and shamanic techniques to empower clients in their own healing and transformation. Our trainings are 200 hours and offered in four-month weekend formats or six- week summer intensive formats for our out of state and foreign students. We also offer a gradaute intern program unique to HCH where graduates provide hypnotherapy, coaching, and energy therapies to clients in our SF Bay Area low-fee community clinic. See our web site for current prices and schedules. www.HypnotherapyTraining.com or call 925 283-3941 to request a brochure.

Overview of Energy Therapy Certification        

We are spiritual being having a human experience. We are first and formost Energetic beings. Learn how to work with energy for personal and professional healing work. HCH offers a unique 48 hour Certification in Energy Therapy. Core required courses include Reiki I and II, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Soul Healing. Students choose the elective course from the following options: Reiki Master Teacher training, Quantum Healing, Chakra Balancing, and Boundaries for Energy Healers.
See our "Energy Therapy" page on our web site for dates, fees and more information: www.HypnotherapyTraining.com
Or call 925 283-3941 for more information.

Overview of Coaching for Helping Professionals Certification        

HCH offers a 64 hour four- weekend Coaching for Helping Professionals Certification program meeting one weekend per month for four months. Coaching modules include:
Coaching for Being,
Coaching for Alignment,
Coaching for Reframing, and
Coaching for Integration.
The coaching weekend modules may be taken in any order except the last module must be Coaoching for Integration. Any
weekend may aslo be taken independently from the certification
Our program is unique in that we include a transpersonal perspective in coaching by activating the client's inner wisdom as a co-coach and by aligning the client with his or her life purpose as a backdrop to any personal goals.
Suzanne Samson, an HCH graduate, CCHT and Certified Coach is the instructor. See our "Coaching" page on our web site for more detailed information, dates and fees: www.HypnotherapyTraining.com
Or call 925 283-3941 for more information.

Overview of Certificate in Pasrapsychological Studies        

Loyd Auerback's world class research and parapsychological case studies provide the background and focus in our Certificate in Parapsychological Studiies program at HCH.
The Certificate program is comprised of seven classes taught on site or as a CD or MP3 file home study course including conference calling meetings with Loyd for questions and answer sessions during each class:
Introduction to Parapsychology
Being Psychic
Ghost Hunting
Research and Theories in Parapsychology
Evidence for Life After Death ,
Mind Matter and Time: Psychokinesis and Precognition,
Parapsychology and Other Sciences
See our "Parapsy" page on the web site for detailed class descriptions, Loy's impressive bio and dates and times. www.HypnotherapyTraining.com
Or call 925 283-3941 for more information.

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