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Healing Each Other Medical Intuition

Bruce Dickson


Mar Vista (Los Angeles)
Los Angeles, CA 90066-5837
United States
T: 310-397-1597

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Have a health or life issue?

Want to learn how to talk with your own immune system?

Want to learn the new psychology of healing, the three selves?

Talking with your body directly is the easy way to address health concerns, and to find your solutions. Your inner child and immune system are are the expert on your physical body--not your thinking mind. I love working with people who wish to heal or who wish to learn how to do what I do. If you have high willingness to learn and you practice, you can learn to talk with your immune system in about an hour.

Profile and Credentials        

University of Santa Monica (USM), Waldorf teacher training, BreakThrough Parenting certification and Masters in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary.  Conventional teacher ed courses (honors in all) and Masters in conventional school counseling from Loyola Marymount.


Self-Healing 101!  Awakening the inner healer.  Eight exercises to develop self-sensitivity, Intuition, Intuition and self-testing.  The time is right for this in America.

Meridian Metaphors, Psychology of the Meridians and major organs, 52 page manual, 2009.  

The Three Selves; Becoming fully human:  Volume One:  Orientation.  The first comprehensive general textbook on the basic self (inner child, Little Artist, immune system), conscious self, and high self (guardian angel).  With diagrams and good humor!

The Three Selves; Becoming fully human:  Volume Two: Find the 3S in your life now.   Music as beat/rhythm, voice and melody, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Laurel & Hardy, Rocky & Bullwinkle, your body and many other cultural entities reflect the three selves.

3S:  The Inner Court:  Close-up of the basic self.  Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin & Arthur are your Inner Court of Influence.  How are they affecting you?   Over and undercharged conditions.  How to work with them.

3S:  Children; temperament, five puberties and typology; and, Habits are Hell or Heaven

The Meaning of Illness Is Now an Open Book, 1st & 2nd editions

Rudolf Steiner's Fifth Gospel in Story Form, Xlibris 2001.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        





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