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Kathy Wilson



592 Sheppard West, Suite 524
Toronto, ONT M3H 6A7
T: 416-225-3612


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Healing Nexus


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KATHY WILSON has an intelligent eye for how energy moves through out and impacts people, their lives and surroundings. Born and living in Toronto Canada Graduate of York University, she works with individuals and businesses identifying their blocks and creating space for abundance and fulfillment. For 2005 she is booked to present Quantum-Touch Workshops throughout Canada and World wide. Kathy’s style is that of co-operation and joining together her expertise with others working in the belief that we are all one. She is a certified practitioner of Therapeutic-Touch, Reiki, Focus Therapy and Quantum-Touch as well as a Dowser. She is also the driving force behind Healing Nexus. “I can imagine no greater joy than to have this opportunity to share this wonderful gift of healing with others. With Quantum-Touch® as a practitioner and as an instructor, I have observed profound healings of not only physical but also emotional pain in people who have previously "tried everything" and have found no relief.”

DENNIS BARNETT grew up on an isolated ranch in southern Saskatchewan. “Some of my earliest memories are of sitting inside ancient stone tipi rings, watching a red tailed hawk circling above and feeling the energy of the earth, the stones, the memory of the old ones and feeling connected to and being one with everything.” From those early memories grew a lifelong fascination with energy and its role in our lives. Dennis has a long history of working within a large variety of organizational structures, from serving three terms as Mayor of his community to President of a major political party, from positions on National executives to School Division Trustee. Dennis is an active and effective Dowser. He has been vigorous in offering Quantum-Touch® workshops World Wide. Participants complement him on being clear in his teachings, very present, in tune, with vast experience and being a special individual. “I’m excited and thankful for the opportunity to use Quantum-Touch® to help people heal themselves. The results continue to amaze me on a daily basis.”


Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on healing that actually must be seen to be believed. With only a light touch, you can observe bones spontaneously adjusting into their proper alignment. Beyond this, all healing is accelerated. The results continue to amaze us. You’re probably asking yourself why you should attend and is this really for me. If you are a body worker of any modality, are someone who is in need of healing themselves, are a parent, have family members in need, then this workshop is for you.

In two short days you will acquire the tools needed to allow your clients, family and loved ones and yourself to heal. You will learn to hold and sustain a high vibration that others can entrain to and thereby heal themselves. As you enter the Quantum world you will discover how your perceptions of what is and what can be will shift. Prepare yourself to see and experience that which seems impossible in your current paradigm. Bones shift, hips align, long standing conditions evaporate before your eyes. We invite you to join us for what may be the most life altering event you have experienced.

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