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117 8th Street North
LA CROSSE, WI 54601-3360
United States
T: 608-784-9775


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I am a genuine and intuitive Psychic Channel-Spiritual Counselor and Usui Reiki Master with over 26 years of experience and training in counseling and healing work.

I am available for sessions by phone or in office.

~The Channel for The Council Twelve~(I am called 12 of 12).

Please refer to my main website: HealingStargate.com for complete details about myself and my work.

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Profile and Credentials        

Certified Usui Reiki Master-Sensei/1990-The Reiki Alliance. ~ 1977 Certified Teacher of DMA (Dimensional Mind Approach). ~ Soulife member of "The Galactic Federation" (A governing body of light/energy managers). Exclusive Channel For 'The Council Twelve'. See: HealingStargate.com for channeled messages.

My work has been proven over the many years I have been working as a Psychic Spiritual Reader/Counselor and Healer.

I do this work full-time, and have clients and students all over the planet. I work with Female and Male clients easily as I have a balanced energy that appeals to both sexes.

I work with healing issues and life questions (LIFEPATH READINGS) in an expanded state of consciousness, and as an energy master I also send healing energy along with each session.

My Reiki training began in 1986 and completed with my Master Initiation in 1990. My lineage is directly and clearly from the originator of the system, Dr. Usui. My Reiki training was long term and I now pass this energy on to my students along with my Starseed Energies.

I am a featured 'Psychic/Intuitive' in the January 2003 Published "Famous Wisconsin Mystics" (Badger Books) by Hannah Heide Levy. (ISBN 1-878569-91-0)

Philosophy and Comments        

I have had multiple Walk-in experiences: 1942, 1976, and in 2000. I now am here to assist this planets rising vibration. I now work with, through and channel 'The Council Twelve', of which I am 12of12. My training is from teachers of physical and non-physical origins.

See my main site: HealingStargate.com

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

9am to 9pm Central. 608-784-9775 or Toll Free out of area calls: 1-888-530-9775

Credit card payments through PayPal on main site.

Hour Readings: (Phone or Office)$85.00..... Healing/In-Office: $75.00....Long Distance Reiki $45.00




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