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Miami Phillips



Dallas, GA 30132
United States
T: 770-443-5946




Miami Phillips


Be Do Have

Which life do you lead?

Are you Doing something in order to Have things so you can BE somebody? THis way of life seldom works as there is no end to Having part. There is always more money, houses, cars and things in your life. At Creative MasterMinds, we work together with you individually or in a group of like minded people so you can Be who you are comfortable being, DO what you love and HAVE what you need.

Profile and Credentials        

Miami Phillips is a certified personal coach, trainer, author and speaker. He is a graduate of Coach University, MLM University Coaching Program, member of Coachville, Graduate School of Coaching, Certified ANSIR DNA Workshop coach, and is a past member of the board of Georgia Coach Association. He is founder and CEO of Creative MasterMinds and BeDoHave University.

Philosophy and Comments        

Life is difficult and full of challenges. How each of chooses to view these challenges is a very good indication of what our lives are like. My view is each challenge is an opportunity to grow,learn, and become stronger. I use each and every choice I can make as an opportunity to create the life I want. Life is perfect! My vision is for each of us to realize the power we have in these choices.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private coaching: Our relationship is personal. We begin with an initial complimentary phone call. We get to know each other, formulate an idea of how we will work together, and discuss issues or problems that need to be addressed first. This initial call provides you a chance to ask YOUR questions about scheduling, fees, etc. Other methids include teleclasses, group coaching, ebooks and workbooks. VIsit the website for more information at www.creativemasterminds.com





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