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Amaura Delaney



1944 west Devonshire
Mesa, AZ 85201
United States
T: 480-570-7721


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Amaura specializes in Tibetan & Spiritual Meditations, Feng Shui, Reiki, Weddings and other ceremonies, as well as has studied Native American traditions.

So wether you are looking for a healer, teacher or a place to relax and let you mind/heart be guilded to be able to achieve the deeper states of meditation this is the place to just be.

"I honor all religions of Love & Light, my family calls it 'Universal Love Consciousness'! One GOD with many paths!" NAMASTE'

Profile and Credentials        

*College- Majored in Business Mgmt/Degree in Accounting (Graduated Honor Student) 1988
*Certified in Interior Design (Color Analyst & Designer) Graduated 1993
*Certified in Traditional Compass Feng Shui by Suzanne Smith of the Yellow Dragon Temple (1 yr. course)
*Certified by Feng Shui Advanced Institute a branch from Grand Master Lin Yun Rinpoche, classes by Master Brayden Zeviar & seminars by Barry Gordon in Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (4 yrs.)
*Chi Transfusion & Blessing by Daikoku-sama from Japan 1998
* Reiki Master & Karuna Practitioner (Tenchi Shiki Ryoho/authentic Japanese Reiki) Empowerment by Master Christopher Matsuo of Hawaii, a 4th generation Reiki Master/Teacher. 2001
* Kwan Yin Teachings & Empowerment by "Shidoshi" Matsuo (one who is qualified to pass on the lineage) 2001
*Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church 2001
*White Tara Empowerment sponsored by Buddhi Heart at Vision Quest 2001
*Tara Empowerment, Medicine Buddha & Mandala Dance Retreats by Prema & Anahata 2001-2003
* Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Retreat by ZaChoeje Rinpoche of EMAHO 2002
*Studies of Native American Sacred Woman's Teachings for over a year, with Amber Lightfoot, teachings from S.M.S.D. or the Deer Tribe, Path of Turtle Island mandated and guided by the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders.
*Presently taking (Internal Arts) Tai Chi & Green Dragon Chi Gong by Master Fisher of ACS Karate Studio,.

Philosophy and Comments        

poem by Eric M. Brodsky

The gathering of two or more, results in glorious effects, more rapidly they create, when focused love projects. Envision the awesome power, of synchronous energy, created by God-being groups, "reality" shifts you'll see.

Prayer & meditation, are practiced on the earth, where energies culminate, bringing thoughts to birth. It is rampant in the media, with repetitious "ideals," turn focus to the loving Self, to share The Love that heals.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Counsel or Private Meditation $54.00 p/hr
Feng Shui on Site $108.00 p/hr
Reiki & Crystal Healing $54.00 p/hr
Special Ceremonies $108.00+ p/hr
Zen Garden, Labyrinth Walks & Meditation Groups
- by Donation
Group Lectures & Classes Vary
Check Scheduled Events

ANCIENT HEALING ARTS preformed by a Certified Practioner        

* Aura & Chakra Cleanes- Cleanesing the energy fields by placeing empowered healing gemstones & crystals on the meridians of the body.

* Reiki- Channeling of Universal energy through the chakras & other power pionts in the body or aura to move stagnent chi. An intuitive healing technique that is practiced, no hands on. The energy exchange is preformed by a certified Reiki Master.

* Feng Shui- (cerfified in two forms) Lechtures, classes and personal counceling on the ancient art of placement . Commercial & residential feng shui blessings or bannishings to clean energy and promote auspicious chi.

* Corporate & Group Guilded Yogic Meditations to relax and reduce stress from the business day. (meditation CDs available)

* Yoga Breath- Feeding the suble body through meditation focused on breatheing. (CDs available)

Ministry Ceremonies        

* Birth Celebrations- New Births, Blessings and Benedictions.

* Memorials- Customized remembrance of our loved ones that have passed.

* Wedding Ceremonies- Custom written to your faith or traditions to make the ceremony special and sacred to you.

* Unions- Renewal of marrage vows, nonrecognised by state weddings, etc....


We see the process of meditation as a farmers might see harvest; they must first till the soil to prepare it for planting, enabling growth of what was planted. They use tools as well as natural compost to help them achieve harvest. Like the farmer we too must first cultivate our minds by focusing on our breath, steadily organizing/quieting the chaos in our mind to be made ready for awakening. With this process we construct a balanced frame of mental awareness so that we are prepared to absorb the truth and knowledge unveiled to us from higher sources.

To look within myself took some practice, although perseverance through trying different techniques, meditation has taken me to experience places within myself words cannot describe. Yet once you have seen your pure highest inner self you touch, view, inhale the outer world differently because you know you have tapped into the truth. My purpose of teaching P.A.W. meditations is to help others achieve similar results, so they may continue to dwell in the bliss.
(Meditation of the PATH AWAKENS WITHIN are available on CD)

Copper Pyramids for Meditation        

Pyramids are great tools for deep meditating and chaneling universal energy. The equal sided pyramid forms the shape of the trinity which focuses the energy to the one under it. The reason I make them out of copper is because of it being a high frequency, so it can handle the vibration.

If you have never sat under one try the one in Sedona at the New Age Center. My mother has pain in her joints and does not believe in alternative healing. As she sat under it and her pain was relieved and I was informed that it would make a great present (hint hint). That Christmas I made several for my family members, and yes, Mom loved hers. She now has it hanging over her desk at work to help with the pain and keep her energized.

Small pyramid to hang over a desk in your office to focus your energy.
size 12 X 12 inches $108.00 plus s/h

Medium pyramid to hang over your bed to help heal the body or enhance dream state. size 2 X 2 feet $216.00 plus s/h

Large pyramid that sits on the ground so you may bring your trinity into a deep meditative state. size 4 X 4 feet $432.00 plus s/h

Copper pyramids custom made for your meditation, healing or energy needs to be ordered. All the meditation pyramids are customized to your energy vibration and spirals, crystals and special finishes can be patina, bright copper or a mix (the base patina and the spiral bright copper).

A deposit of half is required upon order and I will email pictures as it is completed, then the balance is due before it is shipped.

SPECIAL NOTES*A photo or tape of your voice is required to get a personal harmonious vibration.
Money orders or cashiers checks are faster than waiting for an out of state check to clear.

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