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1426 John St
Baltimore, MD 21217-4222
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For over six years SAFEWASH has been supplying homes & businesses in the U.S. and 22 countries abroad with the most advanced hypoallergenic, earth friendly & cost effective laundry detergent alternative available today. Whether your first concern is our planet’s clean water (I hope), allergies to detergents, fragrances & dyes, or just saving money (you save aprox. 70% over conventional laundry detergent, bleach & softener), our T-Wave Laundry Capsules & Tsunami Papaya Enzyme, with our 60 day, no-hassle money back guarantee is just right for you! And now with EVERY set of T-Wave Laundry Capsules you purchase you receive a FREE QUART (that's our $14.95 retail size) of our Tsunami Papaya Enzyme!

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Some of the toughest & most costly pollutants our local water treatment plants have to remove are detergents! In many of the smaller townships across the country removing much of the havoc that detergent does to our water is impossible. The “worst of the harm” is removed and then that water is just jettisoned! This is especially hazardous in our small waterfront communities like around beach resorts since they don’t have miles of land for the detergent byproducts to get “lost”. You don’t have to be a member of Green Peace to be aware that our most precious & most fragile resource is our planets water. Watch any news program & the horrors of factories polluting streams & rivers, fertilizer run-off & oil spills, to name a few are a way of every day life. And yes, the government is cracking down on the most blatant of the polluters but for some reason once it becomes public we always hear that the offending company has 8 – 10 years to come into compliance with the EPA regulations. Why does it take big chemical companies 8-10 years to stop killing us & why is that ok with the government? Now more than ever it is every person’s responsibility to take whatever action possible to help save our ever dwindling clean water supply. Saving money is great but there is NO EASIER WAY for an individual or family to single handedly contribute a MAJOR POSITIVE IMPACT on their local ecology than by removing the weekly toxins that spew from our washing machines. And this is what got SAFEWASH started in the first place. So now, for over 6 years SAFEWASH has been repairing the planet one household at a time as well as relieving uncountable allergy suffers . Won’t you please join us in what is every humans common cause: Making sure our children’s children children have safe, clean, accessible water for generations to come?

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SAFEWASH is an internet based business so you can learn about as well as purchase our products at your leisure. We accept all major credit cards through our secrue servers employing 128 bit encryption. There is no safer way to purchase on the web today. Of course we also take orders by phone or fax & we do accept personal checks.





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