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Krow Fischer


Oakendell Healing Centre
Warkworth, Ontario K0K 3K0
T: (705) 924-3852

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The Oakendell Centre offers a quiet healing space surrounded by forests and fields.

Krow and Wendy offer a variety of services at Oakendell including Monthly Public Group Channeling Sessions, and an on-line Radio Show at www.blogtalkradio.com/hereonearth

Psychic consultant * Deep Trance channel working with the Council of Elders * Energy Body Work * Herbalist * Cranial Sacral * Iridology * Lomilomi (Traditional Hawaiian touch medicine) * Ha Breath Work * Diet and whole foods * Gluten Free Recipes * Alternative Medicine * Crystal and Gem healing * Chakra Balancing * House Clearing * Past Life Regression * Food Security and Gardening * Healing * Tarot Card Readings * Workshops * Seminars * Spirit Guides * Animal Communications * Quantum Studies * On-line Teachings * Teaching CDs CONVERSATIONS WITH RED & THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS CDs & MP3s * Books * Private and group Channeling sessions.

Profile and Credentials        

Wendy Murdoch, Intuitive Healer, works with diet, herbs, mental and emotional beliefs, spirit and soul support to assist humanity to a healthier living, while Krow offers her unique connection to the spirit realms to gain insight and understanding towards mapping out a happier and more vital future.
They work individually offering many services towards sustaining a happier life for all who come to Oakendell for whatever reasons. Their dedication to this Earth and to humanity and their supportive interaction with spirit make their contribution powerfully unique.

Wendy and Krow’s work together with The Council of Elders began in the late 1900s with the channeling of The Councils first book.

“Weavers of Light, A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times” was first published in 2006 offering a pathway of personal development and understanding of the evolving world and our place within it.
A magical gem of a book, each reading goes deeper and deeper into our understandings as we grow in wisdom and awareness. Personal ‘how to’ on undoing destructive patterns, healing ancestral imprinting, shifting perspectives and more. You can go as deep as you wish with this book, or just enjoy the entertaining insights.

They did NOT correct his grammar and kept the wording AS SPOKEN so as not to lose the nuances. Over the years one see the wisdom in transcribing word for word, as some things that seemed clumsy metaphors turned out to be literal truths!

When he said the magnetic patterns of reality were laid out in imprints in the dark between the stars and between the atoms, could anyone have guessed that in 2014, NASA would take pictures of magnetic patterns in the dark matter, between the stars?

Sometimes it takes a while to catch up, but that is what is so dynamic about this work, it stretches current awareness until information can be understand.
The AHA moments when it all falls into place are often punctuated by a vision of his wise old laughing face saying “You got it!”.

It is a beautiful book meant to be read over and over, used as an Oracle, shared and quoted.

They offer monthly teaching CDs recorded live with Red and the Council of Elders.

Group channeling 'Council Fire' sessions are held at Oakendell the third Wednesday of each month for a limited seating. Book ahead on our EVENTS page of our Website!

The sessions are also available as downloadable MP3 files from our re-broadcast of the event on our AWAKENING SPIRIT HERE ON EARTH at www.blogtalkradio.com/hereonearth phone-in internet show. You can access these private shows through our EVENTS page at hereonearth.ca. We also have many public shows available there.
Check us out on Youtube and Facebook as well! Here On Earth!

Some group sessions may be held near you, check the website for upcoming dates and areas.

Philosophy and Comments        

We are here at a pivotal time in Earth's history where all that we are and all that we do, bring in the co-creation of a new reality.
We believe that by working together with spirit and earth in support and healing, we can co-create a new dream to begin manifesting here on Earth.
We are dedicated to doing our part to assist in the healing of our planet, partly by assisting the healing and growth of the individuals who come to us at Oakendell, and through sharing the amazing teachings of the Council of Elders through Radio, Newsletters, Teaching CDs and MP3s, Lectures and public and internet group sessions with The Council of Elders.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Oakendell is located in Warkworth Ontario.
We are Open Tuesday to Saturday, by appointment.
We offer a variety of services to assist your journey: Private or Group sessions, seminars and workshops.
We are available for consultations or sessions by appointment only,
Telephone sessions for channeling are also available, by appointment.
Telephone or E-mail to arrange. 705 924-3852
krow@hereonearth.ca wendy@hereonearth.ca

Krow Fischer        

Krow works as an 'inter dimensional communications specialist' and deep trance channel, and has been working with a group we call "The Council of Elders", or “Record keepers” for over twenty five years, this life.
Her easy ability to move into states of altered consciousness, much like sleeping, allows the Council to channel through in a very clear and positive way. This provides us all with access to information and shared communication beyond the every day reality we live in, or even imagined living in. 
 The Council, as we call them, are a collective of non physical persons who act as advisors for all of us coming into our lives on Earth, and often assist in the ‘debriefing’ after our incarnations. Their insights and advice are invaluable to those of us working with them.
Accessing through quantum fields of recorded history (aka Akashic records), both past, parallel and future, they are able to assist us with advice, choices and information for our highest healing, highest purpose and highest truth.
Krow’s personal training and easy access to the Council allow her to be of assistance to those in need of guidance, communication with spirit, and insight into life and problems in personal sessions at Oakendell Centre, or over the phone or internet.
Some personal sessions with the Council are available at the Oakendell Centre in Warkworth, or over the phone or internet. We do recommend that you check out their current body of work as most likely, many of your questions have already been answered through their books and recordings.

Krow offers some individual or group sessions in deep trance with The Council, but offers personal sessions in her regular state of mediumship on a more frequent basis. 

She may use the Tarot or Oracle cards to illustrate the information coming through as she accesses your guides, her guides and The Council’s assistance.

Tarot card healing sessions and past life regression as well as workshops on these and other skills she has studied and developed are offered in various locations.
Krow offers other skills she has developed along the way such as Lomi Ha Breath work and house clearing and has some interesting ongoing workshops, classes as well as newsletters, blogs and internet radio shows with Wendy.

 Krow is in her own words ‘an organic farmer, poet, life partner to the sweetest man,Mother to four amazing daughters and Grandmother to the worlds most adorable twin boys! 
She is also a personal servant to a Siamese cat named Kato who sails with her and her partner on their sailboat.

Wendy Murdoch        

Wendy Murdoch is Oakendell’s Hands On Healer with decades of experience in the alternative health field. She is a certified herbalist, iridologist and has studied Lomilomi, Hawaiian touch medicine, Quantum touch, nutritional counseling, crystal healing and chakra balancing.
Her decades of tutorship with The Council of Elders has taught her to look deeply into the emotional and mental patterns that imprint the physical body to assist her clients to heal themselves.
As a medical intuitive, natural clairvoyant and empath, Wendy has helped many people to live healthier happier lives.

A session with Wendy at Oakendell begins with a discussion and a setting of intention as she gets to know you and what you are presenting over a cup of tea by the fire. Then you may go into Wendy’s healing room where you are made comfortable on her massage table. The session may go into whatever area you lead as Wendy guides you into the patterns and blockage clearances that need to be addressed to find the healthy balance you seek.
After she may recommend dietary adjustments, habit changes or herbs or supplements. Don’t worry, unlike many health care practitioners, she is not a sales person for any health company or product, but may recommend something that she feels may help. Follow up calls are welcomed.

Wendy is a certified colour consultant and does carry a line of natural mineral based make-up for her long time beauty clients and those interested.
She has been developing really good Gluten free recipes available on our website and her french loaves are quite good!

Wendy lives at Oakendell Centre with her Scottish husband of many years and her healer cat Cassie. She is mother to a wonderful young man and community support person for many in need. She also is a darned good spinner and dyer and may be found at her spinning wheel as she talks!

CDs and MP3s Conversations with Red and the Council of Elders        

In 2010 Here On Earth began recording monthly teaching sessions on a wide variety of topics in an effort to further share the deep wisdom we were accessing

These MP3 downloads and CDs are of the most in-depth spiritual knowledge available anywhere on the planet, on over fifty significant topics, with more coming each month.

Interesting topics and The Councils amazing discussions keep going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, answering questions on anything under the sun, any sun.

There is nothing else like it out there and it can change the world as it has changes so many lives of those studying with this body of work.

Just the understandings of Karma and how the planet holds magnetic memory, the use of prayer and intention and how water communicates and can heal, can change our future. How our DNA is encoded, how music connects us, from ancient civilizations and civilizations in other parts of the universe to sacred sexuality and relationships.

Exploring plants, animals and rocks, fairies, ghosts and yetis to understanding time as a fourth dimension, really there is no deeper or profound teachings we have come across than these recordings... And they are funny and compassionate, very entertaining and engaging.

They are available from our hereonearth.ca website, Conversations with Red and the Council of Elders.


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