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Holistic Resolutions, Danuta Jirik, Ph.D.

Danuta Jirik, Ph.D.


715 Lake Street, Suite 808
Oak Park, IL 60301
United States
T: 708-837-4335

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Danuta Jirik, Ph.D. facilitates a holistic healing process that helps one return to the authentic self and its wholeness and purpose.

The process weaves together spiritual counseling, shamanic healing, energy work, Systemic Family constellations, Somatic Experiencing and dreamwork. She works with the individual's energy field and the personal history as well as with the individual in the context of their family system.

She specializes in healing painful emotional issues and past trauma, including the ancestral trauma and pain.

The Systemic Family Constellations work is a powerful way to see and resolve the deeper issues that often hide behind anger, resentment, sense of isolation, failed relationships, depression, etc.

Danuta offers one-on-one sessions and group work. Remote healing sessions over the phone are also possible.

Danuta leads Systemic Family Constellations workshops, Shamanic Journey workshops and spiritual retreats. You will find the current schedule on her website: www.holisticresolutions.com

Profile and Credentials        

Hi, I'm Danuta Jirik. I come from Poland and have lived in the U.S. since 1981. My healing-learning-spiritualizing process started in the early 90's. I began with spiritual mind healing, and followed with the intense spiritual journey initiated by Siddha Yoga Meditation. By 1996 I was working as a licensed practitioner of spiritual mind healing. Later, Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy and Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics added energy techniques. Around the year 2000 I went through a shamanic awakening/calling, and subsequently trained with several shamanic teachers including Michael Harner and Alicia Gates of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Myron Eshowsky and Betsy Bergstrom. More details on my website: www.holisticresolutions.com

More recently, Bert Hellinger's Family Systemic Constellations Work got added to my "spiritual medicine bag". I completed advanced training for constellation facilitators with Mark Wolynn of the Hellinger Institute of W. Pennsylvania and I got certified by Hellinger Sciencia after intensive training directly with Bert Hellinger in Austria, US and Italy.

Last but not least, I am an advanced student of Somatic Experiencing, a body-based method of trauma resolution developed by Peter Levine.

Philosophy and Comments        

My life has been a journey of healing, and every healing technique I offer to my clients I tried on myself first, that's how I know it works. I hope you will consider inviting me to be a partner on your own journey.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work by appointment.

The hourly fee is $120/hour.





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