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Nan Vaught



P.O. Box 38
Frontenac, MN 55026
United States
T: 888-472-7662


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Holistic Practitoner Transformation Facilitator


In the sacred space that Nan creates,you now have the opportunity to share her healing energies and calming meditations or her workshops, classes, retreats and private consultations. She offers spiritual retreats that weave together nature-based experiences with other modalities for self-exploration. All classes workshops and retreats were created to provide diverse and innovative programs that offer opportunities for personal growth and transformation. She is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all will feel welcome to pursue their healing. By deepening our spiritual awareness, we help to empower the lives of others. Sacred space,designed and arranged to accommodate and retain the healing energies necessary for her work,your empowerment and healing. A space that promotes all aspects of health and well-being. Nan truly recognizes the unique challenges each person faces on their spiritual path. It is clear that many of our spiritual hurdles have their roots in physical or psychological experiences. The modalties aid you in releasing these past influences, and the rediscovery of the freedom,purpose, and inspiration that grows from our personal vision of the future and our place in it. I invite you to join Nan on your amazing journey to health,wealth,success, and happiness.

Profile and Credentials        

Nan is a Holistic Practitoner who is Certified and accredited in several modalities, including Aromatherapy,Louise Hay Teacher,Think Yourself Thin Coach, Stress Relief, Meditation,Sound and Color Therapy,belief systems and Biofeedback. Biofeedback fell out of favor with Psychologist and Therapists. Feeling that undue stress was created in some clients, while the objective of the therapy was to calm, therefore obsolete. Nan had already united Hypnotherapy with Biofeedback, to form a gentle stress less and caring way to accomplish needed responses for the client. When she opened Avalon Essentials and a client needed extra help she formulated a way to merge F.E.S. products with Aromatherapy for pets and people. She also blends Chakra clearing and balancing with Chromotherapy (color therapy), and sound. Her colleagues have always praised Nan for her innovative ideas and com passionate ways.

Philosophy and Comments        

To recognize the essential connections between physical and spiritual health. Achieve maximum health through the latest holistic methods. Acquire deeper purpose and appreciate your own potential. Live a more balanced and joyful life. Whether you are interested in new ideas on health and wellness or making a more conscious connection to life, Nan will enhance your understanding of the choices on your path and help you assimilate new techniques for release and transformation

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workshop (two day Intensive) WE ACCEPT Mastercard VISA American Express Please call to save your safe space immediately!Workshops Fill Up Fast! 651-345-5253 or 888-472-7662 Call anytime we have voicemail, and will return your call


Private & Corporate Mini Workshops on healing, meditation, journaling,life changing therapies.
I offer workshops that empower indiviuals to discover and live their hearts desire...


Mother Earth Retreats & Meditations,are a way to slow down, be rejuvenated by the earth, and sense a new peace.Meet new friends and together share earth lessons in the energy of each other’s company.
In spending quiet, reflective hours in the company of Nature, through these spiritual retreats, we learn to echo Earth and a deep sense of harmony begins once again, to reverberate in our souls.
In our,crazy, stress-filled, fast-paced lives, the sanctuary of wild places offers us an opportunity for a peace and sanity not easily found elsewhere. In the natural world things, make sense. In the world of the city, we are challenged to know and understand and have compassion for ourselves, when the world around us is manmade, unknown, confusing and harsh. We need more opportunities to see our truest qualities...indeed our essence reflected in the world around us...the natural world offers that willingly.

Classes & Private Sessions,        

That besides Nan's wonderful Classes, Retreats & Workshops we have added full-time and part-time practitioners of various disciplines are available for individual or group work by appointment.


I am committed to "our work" of healing ourselves and our planet. Assisting others in developing and using their own inner powers to heal themselves and recreate their lives, through the release of negative emotions that block joy and creativity. My objective is to provide alternative choices for healing and growth while working toward a "stress" (stress is another word for fear) free, personal environments and world... Nomaste

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