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John D. Richards



264 Clear View Lane
Burnsville, NC 28714
United States
T: 828 682-6567


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Hot Duck Soup


HOT DUCK SOUP, Burnsville, North Carolina's own great little old-time jazz swing ragtime blues jugband performs their toe-tapping, finger-snapping, fly-swatting, knuckle-busting, head-scratching, hip-swiveling music on banjos, guitars, ukuleles, cornets, kazoos, slide whistles, animal calls, assorted trash, and a washtub bass.

Profile and Credentials        

JOY BOOTHE lifts weights. She sings and plays the Cacophonium, an instrument John made for her out of old olive oil cans and booze bottles.

ROB LEVIN blows glass. He plays the guitar better than he has any right to but he still whines when we play in Bb.

JOHN D. RICHARDS makes things out of trash. He has been singing and playing the four string banjo for just a little less than 100 years.

CLAUDIA DUNAWAY throws pots. She also plays ukulele, cornet, deer call, and the Giggly-Wiggler. She is married to John. Jeez.

TIM CLARK has a music degree and actually practices. But none of that gets in the way of his washtub bass playing.

Philosophy and Comments        

If you can find it in the dump,
we can make an instrument out of it.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

WORK HOURS? You gotta be kidding!

FEES? We're WAY cheaper than we should be!





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