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Gigi McDavish / Sawyer


It is a well know fact that what the mind believes the body can achieve. At Hypnosis with Gigi it is our goal to help those and teach the power of Self Hypnosis. Gigi was once 215 pounds, after loosing 75 pounds, she also became a non-smoker. She understands what women go through, the struggles that society can place upon us is not easy.Hypnosis with Gigi shows us with the power of suggest everything is possible.

Profile and Credentials        

Gigi is a Master Hypnotst for the past four years. She is a member in Good Standing with The National Guild of Hypnotists. has made several special quest appearance in the USA, mostly on top radio stations. Gigi has used hypnosis to help boost some top athletes in sports performance.Helped people overcome fears, enhance memories and memorie recall, Working with major corporation to increase sales, Working successfunly with weight lose and relaxation management and even helped people who have been smoking for 46 years or less become NON-SMOKERS in one day! She has already touched thousands of lives and one radio caller even described her as the "Oprah of Hypnosis" because of the gifted way she can connect with people. Says Gigi: "Through the power of the mind, the sub-conscious as no limits or boundaries. "I don't believe in using hypnosis for the entertainment factor. I hope to reach thousands of people from all walks of life, demystifying hypnosis and teaching it to help them overcome and achieve their goals."

Philosophy and Comments        

Hello, my name is Gigi and I want to invite you to see yourself reaching your goal. No matter if it’s personal or professional you can reach your goals. I understand that some goals do not happen over night. However, they do happen and you can to begin to feel these changes taking place. At Hypnosis with Gigi we work around your schedule, you only see one hypnotist, you are not passed around to a different hypnotist, and we do not rush you in or rush you outthe door. It is our goal in giving our clients top quality service. We are even here to take your calls for reinforcements over the phone anytime day or night for no additional charge.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Normal hours are from 8:30 AM til 5 PM, Monday thru Friday Saturday from 9 AM until 12 PM. Please understand that our office is flexable and Gigi does take appointments outside of these hours with approval only. Gigi also takes reinforcement calls anytime day or night at no additional charge.





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