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Indigo Ocean



Maui island, Hawaii state
Paia, HI 96779
United States
T: 800-979-6650


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ClearLight Nature Spiritual Healing, Guidance & Counseling


Clear Light is your true nature. A Channeled Spiritual Healing & Guidance session with island healer and author Indigo Ocean will connect you with your higher self and your angel/spirit guides. The guides will heal, clear, balance and rejuvenate your energy system so that you are able to more fully embody your soul/higher-self. This will also elevate your energetic vibration so that you naturally attract more good things into your life. Channeled Guidance will bring you wisdom you need to move forward in life.

This work is energized by love - Universal love that heals, your self-love that causes you to reach out for help, and my love for you which has motivated many years of dedication as an open channel for healing light. This light will reach you no matter what obstructions may be blocking your natural radiance. You will shine forth as another healing beacon in this world.

Working together, we will make sure that emotional pain will not stop your light. Imbalances in your chakra system will not stop it either. Neither will your programming for lack, or any other self-limiting beliefs. We will use all the tools at our disposal to clear these obscurations or any others that need clearing so that your natural bliss shines through.

Distance Healing is just as effective as face to face, so don't think you have to wait for your next trip to paradise before you can feel like you're there. Reach out now. See the full ClearLight profile for more detailed information.

Profile and Credentials        

I am fully aware of our oneness in Spirit. As I reach out to you, I touch myself. My love for you is limitless and my true bliss is reflected through yours. Because of my desire to be of assistance to you I have studied healing, counseling, and spiritual disciplines for over 20 years. I am also the author of the book, "Being Bliss: A Guidebook for Wholeness, Health and Joy" which has widely been received, with raving reviews, as a powerful tool for personal transformation and the host of the national radio show "Together in Spirit."

My credentials include a Master's degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology and the Master level within the Usui Reiki tradition. I am also an advanced Buddhist meditation practitioner, a channeling instructor, and a professional trance channel. I offer this information because it is requested by this venue and I wish to cooperate. But in deciding which healer to reach out to for help, let your heart be your guide, not your mind. Grow guiet within yourself now and open to receive your soul's longing for wholeness. You know if I am the one for you or not. Whatever you decide, you go forward with my prayerful wishes for your joy in life. For we are one in spirit.

Philosophy and Comments        

Love is real. Trust your basic nature. You are naturally whole, healthy, abundant and at play in a field of peace. This is who you are. Have faith that no matter what you feel right now, bliss is your Divine right. Reach out and claim what is rightfully yours. Unwrap the gift. You can never earn what has been given freely out of love. You can only decide whether it is time to say, "Yes!" It is my work to assist your spiritual expansion so that you can recognize yourself as a holy reflection of the all-pervading light of Love. Namaste.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am in Hawaii. That means I am 3 hours earlier than the West Coast of the USA and 6 hours earlier than the East Coast. I prefer to work during daylight hours, the earlier in the day the better.

Spiritual Expansion sessions are offered on a sliding scale, based on income, and range from $95-195. Other services have flat fees. For actualizing your full creative potential and realizing your highest vision for your career I recommend the Axiatonal Awakening session. Visit the www.clearlightnature.com website for more information, including credit card payment options.

The Work We Will Do Together        

Most clients begin with a Spiritual Expansion session. In addition to working with the guides to heal your energy body, I will also work with them to channel the guidance you need to move past whatever has been blocking your connection with your natural bliss. Instead of focusing on predicting the future, we will work to create it in accord with your highest vision for your life.

Clearing stuck energy patterns, integrating healing energies and receiving the loving inspiration you need to hear and trust your inner guidance again is often a part of the work. But I never know where spirit will lead us once we embark upon this journey together. In general, as the chains of inner conflict and confinement loosen, torrents of supressed psychic energy are unleashed and you will experience a tremendous sense of relief, freedom, vitality, peace, and clarity.

Contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your guides. I will work with you by phone or in person, whichever is more convenient for you. Distance healing is just as effective as face to face work, though I do prefer the personal touch if you happen to be on Maui.

Whatever you decide, let's not wait another day to restore you to the experience of your true radiant self. Please reach out now and get the help you need to move forward. Remember, bliss is your true nature.

Visit the www.clearlightnature.com website for information on other services or to purchase a copy of "Being Bliss" go to www.beingblissbook.com

With Love I greet you,


Indigo Ocean




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