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Barbara Robins


Mundelein, IL 60060
United States
T: 847-566-6559


If you want to be a Gold Medal Winner in your life you want to work with Barbara Robins! From her immensely popular custom CDs and one-on-one sessions to her highly interactive workshops, Barbara's approach can correct issues of poor self-esteem, toxic relationships, career challenges and physical pain immediately.


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Profile and Credentials        

Who is Barbara Robins and why does she know so much about Energy Healing? Less than two months after being told they were too injured to compete, one of Barbara's clients won her first Olympic Gold Medal following several distant energy healing sessions. Barbara's passion is to help others master their skills, dissolve their resistances and live their vision. After receiving her master certification in the Yuen Method she began to teach her own process, Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations. With students in over 50 countries and thousands of clients, including speakers/trainers, artists/performers, and healthcare professionals, she welcomes new clients who are exploring their potential.


Philosophy and Comments        

GLOW THE DISTANCE! This is more than simply achieving goals. It's about personal integrity, being in alignment with your life's purpose and expressing the passion that comes from truly living in fullness. Anything less than that is like riding in a car on fewer than 4 wheels. Taking clues from my own bumpy ride to a pinnacle of helping a down and out world class athlete win her first Olympic Gold medal I present doable strategies so you can more than go the distance, you can GLOW the distance!  

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My hours are flexible and by appointment. The length of a healing session is also flexible since some people have time limits while others want to keep working until they "know" they are finished. I also offer session packages.

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Having experienced many types of healing modalities from a variety of practitioners, I reached a point of stagnancy. Believing that a practitioner existed with a personality as refreshing as the approach, I went in search of a facilitator who would provide a meaningful change in my existence. After exhausting my avenues of resources I ended up on-line for countless hours reading about the oldest and latest theories, methods, and delivery modes. But there was one site that somehow kept reappearing in my searches - regardless of keyword selection: QuatumEmed.com featuring Barbara Robins, a master level practitioner and instructor of instantaneous healing. Having experienced this modality of work by other practitioners, I couldn't help but think there was something more to Barbara than just the common modality. I contacted her for a session and found the change I knew was possible, and it was instantaneous! Because of her integrity and quick pace we made more progress in a single session than I had in multiple sessions with other practitioners. She continually checked to be sure that what I asked about was corrected and balanced. She was able to help with many adjacent situations, insuring even more progress! Her technique defines cutting edge and one session will prove to you that it is because of her that the combination of modalities she uses is so effective! Really!! Thanks Barbara! C.R., Chicago, IL

I met briefly with Barbara on February 15th in a chat room. Because I am such a skeptic I requested she discuss aspects of her work with me on an IM as I didn't want to seem argumentative or disrupt the room. I have to admit that I was very surprised at the openness and authencitity of her responses and in the last part of our conversation she revealed that she had done some 'healing work' on me as we were speaking.. Even so.. my skepticism was with me and although I was feeling relieved (noticed a slight headache and dizziness, but tension in my body and anxiety were reduced I would say about 80%). She then proceeded to tell me things that were out of 'alignment' in my body.. things I did not disclose to her in ANY way during our conversation. Still being skeptical... I told her I wanted to wait and see how I 'felt' a day or two later. I admit I had a very hard time admitting that I was reallly feeling relieved.. that I felt better .. more relaxed than I had felt in years!!! Its now been 24 hours.. and I have to admit.. that this feeling is staying with me.... I don't know how to describe it... it's a Peace... it's as though I have been completely released from the burdens I was hanging onto..but couldn't let go of.. I feel "love".... I don't know what others' problems are.. but I know that I have suffered for many years with pain .. pain psychologically and physically... I am reading the recommended books that were offered to me during our session..I can't recommend highly enough the work she is doing. I have no way of explaining.. but I know.. that God's hand is upon her.. in ways I probably cannot understand... I just feel blessed that through her 'gift' from God.. and through her willingness to open herself up to HIS healing powers and grace.. that she has touched my life in a 24 hour period in ways that no self help book, no praying, no friend, no counseling, has ever touched me... May God continue to Bless her.. and Keep her on the straight path....KW

...I went into Energy Healer chat where I found Barbara. We did a brief session. And it is awesome; it worked. I have had many different treatments with no success. This is the first treatment that gave me relief. And the relief came so fast. I am very impressed; very thankful. Many people could get so much help from this treatment. I do hope people give it a try. It is different from Reiki or others I have tried. I just want to tell everyone!! I am happy because I have suffered many yrs of PAIN. Now I have finally found help. Thank-you so much. {{{{love & light}}}}Nuwati

I want you to know that being in your room and feeling the loving energy you have shared with those that came in to seek your counsel and guidance, and the prowess and earnest dedication towards what you do is truely inspiring and it gives me a good feeling inside to know that even though you are doing this as a livelihood your approach is most honorable and selfless... I am an intuitive and empath amongst other things; I can attest that I have felt the energy that you have shared with those afflicted and sincerely believe that you are also part of the collective soul of Warriors of Light, Healers in the name of Love and Light. When I told you of my daughters names and you reached out to them and unblocked, cleansed and realigned their energy centers communication between this stubborn and staunch disciplinarian has opened up beyond anything I could have imagined. Please understand that this "attitude" is hard to break for me, for not only am I their Protector; this attribute was instilled in me due to those days of being a First Sergeant and Senior Enlisted Advisor in the Air Force...I thank you from Spirit for coming to my aide; for your alliance :)... I wish you continued success. Do not falter. Do not find the barriers put in your path impenetrable. My energy, my love, my light I share with you in order to see those walls crumble. Please continue to do what you do, and thank you for honoring me with your presence. Thank you for being YOU. :)Namaste'Thorean


When you step into this moment and allow yourself to feel it, allow yourself to be exactly what this moment presents, this moment can change your entire life. This moment contains within it the power to transform, the power to clear away the debris of the past, and all that hinders you, so your true self can emerge.

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Healing CDs and Mp3s        

Distance healing has been practiced for thousands of years. Now with a combination of current technology and state of the art distance healing technique these powerful vibrations can be transmitted to you easily and effortlessly. The process of healing happens in layers so each time you play an Mp3 or CD you receive a deeper level of healing, clearing and releasing of old issues.
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