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Kathleen Tucci



PMB 131, 2220 Coit Road, Suite 480
Plano, TX 75075-3797
United States
T: 972-985-9465
F: 972-758-1157


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Kathleen Tucci


In her new book Vibrating To Spirit, Kathleen illustrates for us what lies beyond our own visible world and presents inspiring stories with testimony of her amazing psychic ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side. Kathleen also shows you how you can make that connection with the spiritual realm on your own, giving you the tools necessary to empower you on your own spiritual journey and tune into your own psychic abilities.

Profile and Credentials        

Internationally recognized Psychic Medium Kathleen Tucci, has for several years assisted countless individuals in reconnecting with loved ones who are on the other side. Contacting those in the spirit realm through private consultation, lectures, psychic fairs, and group readings, she uses her gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance to pass on detailed messages of healing and inspiration.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that whether we receive a one word validation from someone who has crossed over, or a plethora of information, we must always remember to acknowledge the enormous energy spirits are using in order to come through. They contact us because they love us, but most importantly, they know that the divine message is that life is eternal. It is important for us to remember that we are all spiritual beings, and as such, our soul does not die, yet lives on into infinity. To remember that energy cannot be destroyed - it only changes form. Our loves ones will be with us always!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Available anytime. Check website for fee schedules at http://www.intuitivepstchic.com/pay_by_credit_card.htm





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