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New York Center for Iridology


Appointments at NYCI offer you an Iridology readout plus personal regimen, based on a live scan of Biomarkers observable in your right and left iris. Simple magnification exposes all the body's organs and systems at a glance. Weakened, stressed, hyper/hypo or trauma conditions tell what's going on in your body; Targeted Specifics restore homeostasis.

Training at NYCI includes Iridology Certification classes, Internship & Professional Seminars. Herbal training workshops are held four times a year. All training is by a practitioner, active in the field taught.

Profile and Credentials        

Judy Vedder, NYC's full time Iridologist and founder (1996) of the New York Center for Iridology, is a Clinical Iridologist, Master Herbalist, and respected New York instructor. She completed training in American Iridology (Bernard Jensen method), studying under two Naturopathic doctors, Dr. Joanne Mied and Dr. Marge Jones.

Judy combines two rare qualities: a straighforward, practical grasp of body functioning and an intuitive ability to unearth hidden issues that often baffle "reductionist" approaches to wellness. You can expect latent issues and even genetic predispositions to be brought into relief as she reviews your history and current concerns with you, after a careful examination of your body's own history log, encoded in your eyes.

Therapeutically, Judy's working knowledge of nutriceuticals, minerals, herbs and their precisely targeted action offers remedies that are safe, natural, and kind-to-the-body. Adverse reactions, common in the medical world, are strikingly absent in the holistic realm, and Judy will tell you in advance what specific indicators to look for as you shift between a saturation, therapeutic or maintenance program.

Negative experiences with natural products, Judy has found, almost always arise from misinterpretation of cleansing or detoxing symptoms--medically-known as the Herxheimer Effect, or more simply as "dieoff." Such reactions are actually positive responses as your body enters healing mode, and begins to dump bacteria, parasites or stored toxins.

Concerns about your workplace habits and lifestyle being threatened by an over-aggressive strategy are not a worry when working with NYCI. Additionally, you will not be overwhelmed by taking handfuls of capsules many times a day, since Judy's interventions typically are limited to one or two targeted specifics at a time. This allows constant monitoring at each stage of the particular protocol--something that cannot be accomplished when taking many different supportives at once.

Philosophy and Comments        

Choosing a healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. Someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options and treat you as a person, rather than a number or a disease name. And safe, natural products that have stood the test of time.

At NYCI, we pride ourselves on our client services. We offer an assessment based on your own body's "log" and effective interventions--our own, clinically proven, Targeted Specifics.

Targeted Specifics is the name for NYCI's own brand of therapeutic intervention. A targeted specific is just what it says--a specific substance or application that is known to affect a particular organ or system, enabling homeostasis (Hippocrates' ancient Greek term for balance) to be restored to the biologic terrain your body seeks.

For example, a specific that targets the heart is found in the Hawthorn berry, a potassium rich phytonutrient that, in combination with its naturally-occurring concomitants, is used all over the world for building (or rebuilding) strong tissue in the heart. Another example of a targeted specific is pulsed chromatic light, gently directed at acupuncture points of the skin. This can be shown to precisely target the autonomic nervous system, particularly a stressed system experiencing Sympathic (turned-on) Dominance.

Every organ and system in the body responds to one or more specific triggers. Knowing which to use for each is the emerging domain of Targeted Specifics. Provided with the proper one(s), the body possesses precisely what it needs to restore and heal itself.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

What to Expect

Your appointment at NYCI will be with Judy Vedder, CI, MH. Appointments are Noon to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and typically take about an hour. Just bring your eyes (contact lenses won't interfere) and your health history, including a list of pharmaceuticals, vitamins or herbs you are presently using. We'll carefully assess your irides with a stereo microscope, chart our findings, and microphotograph your eyes. You will have ample opportunity to discuss our assessment and will leave with a regimen that carefully targets problem areas. Phone followup is included to allow attuning the amount and schedule, so you will know exactly what is going on...at each step of your experience.

Ocular Biomarkers: Cellular memory in the Human Iris        

Every cell in the body is aware of the existence and functioning of every other cell.

Neural, energetic, photonic and other pathways interconnect in a total intelligence system that is well known. The "how" of the vast system of afferent and efferent connections is not as well known and studied as are isolated details that demonstrate the existence of a comprehensive, life-oriented intelligence system wholistically tying together the human system. Russian studies (most unfortunately not available in English) have resulted in greater acceptance of iridology by their medical profession, as a coming-together point where a comprehensive view of each body organ can be obtained.

Subtle changes in the trabeculae (fibers) of the iris enable seeing current and past trauma, malfunctions and healthy conditions across the spectrum of body organs. A trained iridologist assesses marks observed upon magnification and interprets the data.

This typically results in your walking away with a comprehensive view of systems and organs underperforming, a list of logical precedence among these, and suggestions for restoring homeostasis. Equivalent to a battery of tests, iridology often depicts difficult to assess relationships between contributing causes of malfunction in unsuspected, but physiologically interrelated organs. Our analysis focuses on physical cause agents while considering as well, emotional and spiritual factors in the whole person.

Holistic Certification Training in NYC--Iridology        

Interested in acquiring skills and certification in Iridology? NYCI offers an introductory course, two follow-on classes plus professional seminars in iridology for holistic practitioners.

For dates of current classes go to www.iridologynyc.com/id6.html, (scroll to bottom).

You may have checked into other schools on the web, some of which offer correspondence courses, which simply have not worked for us here: we've learned there is no substitute for eyeball to eyeball instruction, where you have opportunity at any moment to get answers to questions as they arise. The "edge" you'll experience at NYCI comes from our experience and structure. You get classes that are:

--Practitioner led. This means you receive instruction from someone (Judy Vedder, CI, MH) who is in day to day practice, rather than a teacher who may not herself be in day to day practice.
--Limited to eight or fewer students, thus enabling better classroom dynamics and interaction.
--An excellent workbook. Practical advice and instruction gleaned from years of seeing iridology clients. Theoretical knowledge is readily available from a number of other books, like Bernard Jensen's Volume II, the 'bible' of Western iridology.
--All the tools you need to practice, along with classroom practice in using them.
--Therapeutic instruction from a master herbalist, intermingled with the iridology training. As you go thru the eight body systems (circulatory, digestive etc) you will learn exactly which herbs target each body system.
--Post class training & support. NYCI offers an informal internship program tailored to each student. As you begin applying the training, we'll support you by phone as you share readings by email or digital media. Or, you can bring clients in to have their eyes read or photographed. We work closely with our students to assure you transfer the learning to actual live eye reading. This follow-on service presently is free.
--Certification by NYCI. Stringent standards assure our students are fully qualified.
--Seminars and related instruction (advanced herbal training, etc) to keep you in step with other iridologists.
--Our website allows linking to you, and inquiries by prospective clients can be directed to your website or email or phone.

Located in the heart of historic downtown NYC, NYCI is easy to reach by subway, metro trains, bus or driving. For easy directions, go to www.iridologynyc.com/id4.html.

Call us (Noon to 7 pm) at 212 968-0230. We'll ask about your specific goals in learning iridology, and tell you whether the training NYCI offers will result in easy knowledge and skill tranfer to your own real life goals. We'll tell you as well, what you can expect from an internship program.

Our students represent a typical mix of multi-ethnic New Yorkers, ranging from individuals with no background, to holistic practitioners and licensed physicians seeking to improve their diagnostic skills. Like to speak to some past students? Call us and we'll supply names.

Herbal Studies at NYCI        

Herbs That Work is a one day, hands-on workshop with herbalist Judy Vedder that focuses on practical instruction (no Latin names) in exactly how to craft an herbal regimen for yourself or your clients. Includes a well-written workbook you'll constantly refer to, blood type food charts, body system charts and herb sampling. You will learn twenty essential herbs, some "magic bullet" herbs, pharmaceutical/herbal interactions, herbs for each body system, emotional action of herbs, pH (acid/alkaline) testing, and lots more. Call us at 212 968-0230 for details and dates.


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