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Isabeau Vollhardt



272 Harrison Street
Ashland, OR 97520
United States
T: 541-482-3493


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Isabeau Vollhardt, L.Ac.


Isabeau Vollhardt, L.Ac. at Cinnabar Swan Healing Arts provides acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Additionally, she provides instruction in Kuang Ping Yang style t'ai chi ch'uan, feng shui consultations, and practices shuilong (water dragon) internal art & meditation. Rogue Valley resident since 1997, Ms. Vollhardt is also an adjunct faculty member of Southern Oregon University, where she offers five courses on different aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Profile and Credentials        

Isabeau Vollhardt, L.Ac., received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Samra University, Los Angeles, California, in 1996. As a NCCAOM Diplomate in both Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Ms. Vollhardt is nationally certified to provide custom herbal prescriptions for patients based upon traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis, and patient health history. She has been licensed to practice acupuncture in Oregon since 1997.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Panta rei (everything moves)" -- Heraclitus

This Greek philosopher's notion of the world being in flux is akin to the Daoist concept of change being the nature of things. It is this changeability of all things in nature that allows acupuncture, herbal remedies, and internal martial arts to shift a person's body from illness to wellness. As a practitioner of acupuncture, I also realize that continued practice of internal martial arts deepens my intuition in diagnosis. As an instructor at SOU, I continue to refine my understanding of my medicine's discipline as I share its ideas with others.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment in Ashland, Oregon Monday evenings through Saturday afternoons.

$80 for the first visit (90 minutes)
$55 for subsequent visits (60 minutes)
Herbal prescriptions vary in cost depending upon ingredients, usually between $6-$7 for one week's worth of herbs.
$45 for first office visit for herbal prescription only.
Feng shui consultations: $80 per hour
T'ai chi ch'uan classes: $8 per person per class; $30 for 1 hour private lesson.





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