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Jane Haasch



N428 East Road
Waupaca, WI 54981
United States
T: 715-258-5664


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Lambs Quarters Farm & Shop


Lambs-Quarters is a rural specialty shop featuring spinning, weaving, and wool-related arts. It exists to further the preservation of these arts and to provide a "place in the country" for people to learn and fine-tune these skills on the farm with sheep to share their company all in a renewable energy setting.

Profile and Credentials        

The principal instructor for weaving and spinning is Jane Haasch. She is the owner/operator of Lambs Quarters and also teaches knitting at Dragonwings Bookstore in Waupaca, WI, a quality children's book and toy store in which Lambs Quarters has space. The Waupaca area is known for many quality artists, organic and natural foods eating places, renewable energy homes, bed & breakfasts, Hartman Creek State Park, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association all of which have connections and work with Lambs Quarters. Lamb is raised naturally here and provides the wool for homegrown yarn and lamb for Chez Marche Cafe and many local homes.

Philosophy and Comments        

Anyone with the desire can learn to create in the field of fiber arts. It is a craft that is inbred in every culture throughout the world so all of our roots go back to it at some point in history. I believe it is in our blood to work with natural fibers. There is no end to the possibilities besides the obvious weaving, spinning, and knitting. Felting, dyeing, needlefelting, basket weaving, waxed linen jewelry and baskets, pine needle weaving, are just a few of the less obvious avenues. What I provide is the patience,skills, and venue to teach you to go off on your own. Equipment is provided and is available for purchase.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Patience with beginners is our specialty. Hours are by appointment. Classes are arranged individually or in groups as needs arise. Beginning Weaving and Beginning Spinning are offered on Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends in the studio on the farm. Other weaving classes are taught in the studio also. Knitting classes are held every Tuesday afternoon at Dragonwings Bookstore at 108 N. Main Street in Waupaca. All supplies are available there. Other knitting classes are arranged as needed. Fees are all noted on the website www.lambs-quarters.com under ALL CLASSES.





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