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538 I Avenue
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Precision Equine


Precision Equine offers therapeutic and sports massage and is a hands-on massage technique applied to horses. The massage techniques used are a combination of firm Swedish and/or Rhythmic Muscle Pulsing which is akin to Shiatsu. Benefits of massages are increased circulation, release of muscle adhesion build-up, relaxation, relief of muscle spasms, enhanced muscle toning and range of motion as well as an aid to training and increase performance levels.

Profile and Credentials        

Jane M. Burt, Owner of Precision Equine, completed her equine education requirements at the Western Montana School of Equine Massage. She is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist (C.E.M.T.) and also has a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and Psychology.

Philosophy and Comments        

You know what happens when your muscles contract and tighten - pain can occur and blood flow can become restricted. This is the same thing that happens to horses. Just like humans, once a horse's body experiences pain, the mind and body both react together and work to immobilize the area to minimize the pain. The result? Increased tightness, range of motion is effected and the muscles can eventually "freeze up" thus lengthening recovery time.

The relief from a massage is almost immediate. It improves blood flow, performance, attitude, ability and decreases the potential for long term effects.

Jane understands the importance of taking care of the soft tissue(muscle) in the body and how muscles support the overal skeletal structure. But massaging a horse should be more than just the action, it must also include balancing and connecting with the animal. Jane utilizes her education to develop socio-sensory relationships and to help others understand the connection between horses and humans. She tries to motivate people to take care of their own bodies and that of their most loved animals. Maintaining healthy muscles and soft tissues will help protect the bones and aid in performance.

By incorporating the massages with her social science and psychology background, Jane tries to help people understand the socio-sensory connection they can have with their horses. Horses have exceptional abilities to sense the slightest changes or moods of a rider; a sense that humans have yet to understand. Horses respond to different behaviors such as fear, confidence and authority. That is one reason why horses are now being used to help children and adults with ADD/ADHD, spina-bifada and MS.

"Whether I am massaging a race horse, dressage, barrel racer or a horse that has simply been put out to pasture, one thing is the same-they all have a job to do, and they want to do it well. And just like you and me, they want to be rewarded for what they do; that's where the massage comes in"!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call for fees and to schedule an appointment.

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