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Josef DellaGrotte



PO Box 249
Stow,, MA 01775-0249
United States
T: 978-461-0221
F: 978-461-0221


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Josef DellaGrotte


Feldenkrais and Core Integration bodywork, muscular therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy designed to assess the entire bodymind complex, patterns, and habits, to introduce somatic change strategies through a personal body/mind mastery training, 60/100 hours designed to introduce and sustain body improvement, fitness, and wellbeing. Program: principal exercises needed for everyday functioning. Feldenkrais awareness through movement lesson-exercises. Psychophysical exercises. Professional trainings also available. Tapes: Feldenkrais. Yoga. Tai Chi. Psychophysical Integration.

Profile and Credentials        

Josef DellaGrotte, PhD, Lic Muscular therapist, certified Feldenkrais practitioner and trainer; Lic psychotherapist; rehabilitation counselor. In practice since 1977. author of many published articles, tapes, and book.

Philosophy and Comments        

New paradigm: a systems approach which goes beyond treatment and addresses not just muscles, but the central nervous system, the brain itself, and induces change of habits through movement pathways and new learning.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Watertown, MA Tuesdays and Thursdays Stow, MA Wednesdays, Fridays Fees: Full assessment $125 Regular sessions: $100 (50 minutes) Supplementary sessions: $75 (30 min)





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