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Jean Adrienne

Jean Adrienne


Tallahassee, FL 32304
United States
T: 404-934-0714


InnerSpeak facilitates communication, healing, empowerment and spiritual growth, allowing you to break though your blocks easily. It is a language that assists people in “listening” to their bodies and helping them remove both spiritual, emotional and physical obstacles. InnerSpeak goes directly to the source of the block, this lifetime or past lifetimes, and heals it there, clearing karmic contracts and stored trauma.

Profile and Credentials        

Jean Adrienne is coach, author, teacher, lecturer and creator of Quantum change. She is the developer of the InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching process and the author of Soul Adventures, Reframe Your World, The InnerSpeak Cards and Reconnecting Soul DNA Activation Cards. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. Jean offers private sessions in her Tallahassee FL office as well as via phone, Zoom or skype.

Philosophy and Comments        

InnerSpeak is extremely effective as a remote modality. Since we are all connected, I can access your energy with your permission and facilitate clearing. My process excavates old patterns, beliefs and programs that are blocking your success in any area of your life and clears them easily and quickly - and permanently!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions are $144, by appointment. Remote sessions require advance payment on the shopping cart at www.jeanadrienne.com.





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