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Jean Perrins



1878 - 148 A Street
South Surrey, BC v4a 6r5


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Jean Perrins


Jean is an energy therapy specialist whose clients experience positive beneficial results with chronic pain, auto-immune disease, chronic and serious illness, energy disturbances, fatigue, muscle and joint conditions, emotional issues and stress and digestive disorders. She believes in the simplicity of life and explains to her clients that there are two kinds of energy – energy that is yours and energy that is not. Believing that “foreign energy” is the root of all human misery, she removes the energy that does not belong to the client. The body begins to return to a greater state of equilibrium and health is restored.

Profile and Credentials        

Jean’s training in nursing, pharmacy, energy therapy and medical intuition supports her work in BodyTalk, in which she is a certified practitioner. She is also certified in BodyTalk for Animals. She is the founder and instructor for Energy Diffusion Counseling, Quantum Mapping and Target Zone Energetics, all of which are having profound effects on the client community with which she works. She is a distance therapy specialist working with clients and animals all over North America and Europe.

When Jean is not applying her craft in the healing arts, she is working as an animal communicator and communing with the plants around her house and yard. She also teaches various classes including sacred geometry art, meditation and various energy therapy classes.

Philosophy and Comments        

Science has proved the existence of a unified field which connects everything. Working within that field on an energetic level creates endless possibilities of continuous vibrant health as great as your belief in the science. As a retired nurse, I offer you the bridge between what you perceive as your lot in life and health and the miracle that you truly are.

This is a concept that works amazingly well with animals and plants as well. They are both very clear in what they want.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

BodyTalk Sessions...............$90CAD

Distance BodyTalk Sessions......$100CAD

All 'Quantum' Sessions..........$120CAD

All Distance 'Quantum' Sessions.$130CAD

Call the clinic for seniors rates and subsidies

Office Hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm PST.

For emergencies, please leave a message at the clinic and your call will be answered as soon as possible.

Quantum Mapping        

Quantum Mapping is a technique I developed to map in the energy field that which is manifesting as discomfort and/or dis-ease in the body. It is a fully clothed process whereby the client lies on a massage table and the body partners with the practitioner to remove 'foreign' energy from the energy field. Once the 'foreign' energy is no longer in the energy field, the condition within the body can gradually or suddenly disappear.

Clients report feeling lighter and being able to think and focus better. There is less chatter going on in their heads. Health issues are much less bothersome.

Target Zone Energetics        

Target Zone Energetics is another fully clothed technique I developed to map emotional hits that register in the brain as small concentric rings I call targets. At the clinic, I am seeing increasingly more people who eat all the right foods, take all the right supplements, exercise regularly and meditate who are becoming seriously ill with all manner of conditions. The emotional toll on the body of an adult that has lived a full and active life is enormous. Removing these 'energy packets' in the brain can restore the body to continuous vibrant health. Even if you are a couch potato and like your pizza and beer, you can benefit from this type of therapy as well. You may even give up your pizza and beer!

Clients tell me that they see the world differently, colors are brighter and crisper. Everything looks sharp and clear. Some clients even tell me they feel taller. This phenomena is a result of having more of yourself in your body and less of that other energy.

Energy Diffusion Counseling        

Energy Diffusion Counselling is a combination of the above therapies along with a talking portion, which brings to the client's conscious awareness, what emotional/energetic connections have happened to create physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems in the client's life. As the client talks, energy patterns appear and are dissolved. Emotion that has been stored in the body fascia ripples to the surface of the body and is removed.

Clients feel very quiet inside and very still. The chatter is gone from the head and their breathing is relaxed. Pain levels can decrease greatly. It's a wonderful feeling.

BodyTalk for People and Animals        

BodyTalk is an energy therapy that uses the body's innate ability to heal itself. It too, is a fully clothed process, lying down. It uses a neuromuscular feedback technique that produces yes/no answers from the body using a pre-designed chart. The primary objective of the BodyTalk System is to restore the bodymind complex to balance. The bodymind complex consists of all that gives the body life and awareness in an intricate weaving together of physiological functioning, emotional/mental interactions, biochemical functioning, hereditary influences, cellular memory, and environmental factors. Within each human being is the “innate wisdom” of the body which allows our bodies to maintain equilibrium and thus continuous vibrant health. When that equilibrium is lost, through the events of life, the body creates symptoms that bring unease and discomfort.

In responding to the yes/no answers from the body, the practitioner sees that a series of links become apparent. These links form groups which are then released from the body by a combination of hand positions and tapping the top of the head and the sternum by the practitioner, until the body indicates that the group of links is no longer a priority. In other words balance has been restored.

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