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Shirley Johnson



487-1 West Peniel Road
Palatka, FL 32177
United States
T: 386-328-6997


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Shirley Johnson


Anointed music given by the Holy Spirit
of God. Many have spoken of peace
and healing while listening to this
music.There is also several songs where
the Angels of God have sang with us.
This music brings one closer to the
Throne room of God, allowing Jesus to
touch our hearts and heal our bodies.
He is the Healer.

Profile and Credentials        

Shirley Johnson and Michael Bogert
have received over 3000 songs from the
Spirit of God, to worship Jesus.
These songs carry the anointing of the Lord to those whose hearts are searching for peace and healing.
Shirley is an Ordained minister for over 25 years.
A Worship leader in her church and also holds a BA Degree
in Christian counseling from Zoe University, Jacksonville, Florida.

Philosophy and Comments        

We truly feel that it is only through
the power of God that people are healed.
We believe that Jesus will return soon
and that we are instruments in His hands
to bring this music to mankind.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Children's Storybook CD/s and DVD's        

Now avialable something special for your child.Stories on DVD, animated, read and sung. You also receive aCD with the storybook ready to be printed out both in color and in color book form, as well as the story in song that can be played on any CD player. This is a great deal if you have more than one child in the household. We have Christian and Secular storybooks available. What a great gift idea.

The Nothing Book        

If you know someone who has everything and needs nothing, this book is for them. A book that is full of nothing, worth nothing and will bring a gigle........The Nothing Book. A great gift for that 'something' person who needs 'nothing.'

Children's Praise Songs        

Want to teach the little one to praise God. We have just the CD/cassette to do that. Fun songs that they can dance around with and share their love for Jesus. Original music, cutting edge and full of the joy of God.

Silly Tilly Workout DVD        

Worried about your little one getting a little chubby.We are introducing our Silly Tilly Workout DVD. Fun songs and fun silly characters take over this DVD as your children will dance around and exercise without realizing they are doing it.A giggle, a jiggle and a job well done.

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