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James Colvin, M.Div.



111 Quimby St.
Westfield, NJ 07090
United States
T: 908-233-8698


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Balance U


I use a holistic approach that integrates mind, body and spirit into our work together. Talk helps to clarify issues and insights and energy and body work gently lets go of blocked energy. Sessions include all of the above and are tailor made for each client. Can work in person or long distance.

Profile and Credentials        

Holistic psychotherapist, pastoral counselor, energy worker and licensed marriage and family therapist. 30 years in field of healing, spiritual growth, marriage counseling and emotional change. Fellow, Am.Assoc. of Pastoral Counselors Ordained minister in United Church of Christ. Integrated Energy Therapy level III Reiki Level II U.S. Association of Body Psychotherapy Coach University graduate

Philosophy and Comments        

Since we are whole beings both talk and respectful touch are the optimum ways to heal and to grow. Because feelings can get stuck in the body and energy field, direct work there is a powerful adjunct to talk therapy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Morning, afternoons and evening as needed. Fees on sliding scale from $75 to $130.

Lifewave Energy Patches        

Lifewave patches use nanotechnology; nothing enters the body--strictly an energy interaction. I have tried them with increase in overall energy and performance in running and an uplift of my mood. My mother is now able to get up out of a chair, which she could not do before using the patches due to severe osteoporosis. The patches help the body burn fat efficiently and use 300-500 calories per day--a double win for anyone trying to lose weight. Please check out www.lifewave.com/jimcolvin




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