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Janet Marletto



PMB 277,1670 E.Cheyenne Mtn Blvd, Suite F
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
United States
T: 719-226-1474
F: 719-226-1475


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Janet Marletto


Janet Marletto has been practicing Feng Shui effectively nationwide for over 6 years. She consults with businesses,families and individuals who wish to live consciously and harmoniously. Above all, clients must be ready to take necessary actions to attain the desired results. She applies ancient Eastern principles to meet the needs of modern Western lifestyles....using simple cures. She is available for consultations and presentations. She was featured recently in the Business section of the Colorado Springs Gazette as well as on the radio. Her clients are seeing results when they follow her recommendations. Her article, "Feng Shui in the Workplace" published in February 2001,is on her web site.

Profile and Credentials        

Janet Marletto's background ,in addition to Feng Shui, includes a degree in secondary education and over 20 years experience in luxury hotel management. She has mentored well over 10 managers. She has studied with Angel Thompson, Nancilee Wydra, Jami Lin, Dennis Fairchild and other well known Feng Shui masters.

Philosophy and Comments        

Ms Marletto has seen Feng Shui cures produce results quickly and in a life altering way. When a client is ready to really enhance his life, the Feng Shui principles have added power. Feng Shui requires the involvement of the client to activate the powerful energy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Fees are based on the scope of the project and are discussed at the time of initial consultation. By appointment. Visit her web site for more info: www.aplanetjanet.net





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