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Jnanama (Jay) Ishaya



217 Paragon Pkwy, #211,
Clyde, NC 28721
United States
T: 828-926-9834


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Animal Oracle


As an animal oracle, I listen to the hearts and minds of our furred and feathered friends, speaking for them, telling their stories, and sharing their experiences with their loving companions and caretakers. Often their human companions have questions and concerns about behaviors or about their friend's histories, that can only be answered by the creatures themselves. Without voices of their own, those questions often remain unanswered... and behaviors that distress their human companions go unchanged. Assistance is now available, for both of you... I have also been very successful in teaching people to hear and share their own hearts with their companion animals.

Profile and Credentials        

I have over thirty years experience with animal communication and rescue. I am also experienced with energy work and healing, as well as hearing and speaking for our friends. As a young woman, I trained as a veterinary technician but found standard medical care often inadequate. I currently operate a cat sanctuary for homeless and abandoned cats, called "Home At Last". Many of these little ones have emotional challenges and need extra care to integrate into a home. I have about twenty cats for adoption, right now.

Philosophy and Comments        

The creatures with whom we share our world are our best and most profound teachers. They require our understanding, love and care to integrate into our world as we have created it. It is our responsibility and our privelege to serve, to aid, and to heal. It is our honor to speak for and with those who do not have a human voice, but long to share their thoughts, their memories, their needs, and their emotions.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible hours. Long distance work is possible, but being present with the creatures in question is preferable. Fees for energy work and healing are $30.00 per hour. Fees for animal communication or communication training varies. At our sanctuary, adoption fees are $55.00 for female cats, and $45.00 for males. Adoption fees for other rescues may vary. Donations for our medical fund are always urgently needed.





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