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Joan Lippens-Zukowski



Orlando, FL 32812
United States
T: 407-451-3335




Joan Lippens-Zukowski


As a Personal Life Coach, Joan Lippens-Zukowski has over 20 years experience. She has worked with hundreds of people one-on-one to help find clarity in their lives while living their true identity. Drawing upon her ability to recognize non-verbal communication, she has effectively coached people to look deep inside to find and break negative emotional patterns. Joan teaches individuals to fully participate in their own lives through her unique personal coaching techniques.

Profile and Credentials        

Certified Spiritual Counselor

Usui Reiki Master

Gifted Clairvoyant

Philosophy and Comments        

Life coaching is a personal, inner growth process that manifests in a higher quality life for you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All appointments are via telephone.

Available: Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm

Flexable schedule available by appointment only.





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