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Joanna Niemann



Hartford, CT 06114
United States
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Joanna Niemann


Quantum Touch® represents a major breakthrough in the art of hands-on healing. A very light touch and specific meditative breathing techniques are used to raise your body's own energy level. When you surround the painful or diseased area of the recipient with your hands, you provide 'space' for accelerated healing to occur. QT is great for people with any type of pain and inflammation, headaches, backaches, muscle tension, or high stress, which leads to all manner of other health challenges. I invite you to check the web site: www.QuantumTouch.com. As a practitioner, I also provide Quantum Touch sessions in Hartford and distance QT sessions.

Profile and Credentials        

I am certified as both a practitioner and an instructor for Quantum Touch® and am an Approved Provider to grant 12 hours of Continuing Education for Massage Therapists and 12 CNE's for nurses who learn QT in my seminars.
As a practitioner, I offer Quantum Touch® healing sessions in my office in Hartford, CT and from a distance. My credentials include a Ct State license for Therapeutic Massage, member of the American Massage Therapy Association, certification by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, certification to teach Infant Massage, a Masters Degree in Architecture (which helps me understand the structural aspects of the human body!) and ten years of studying and becoming certified in numerous energy healing techniques. I studied CranioSacral and Lymph Drainage through the Upledger Institute, was certified in Consegrity, studied at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences for two years and have taken numerous other courses and seminars. I have come to a place of understanding that, as they say in architecture, LESS IS MORE!

Philosophy and Comments        

I know, have experienced and seen, the power of loving touch in the healing process. I also know that the body, mind, soul, spirit, self-care activities, diet and personal history are all wrapped together, each affecting all the others, and that when one experiences a change toward healing in one aspect of her/his being, the others, like dominoes, change, too, and healing begins anew throughout the entire system.
I believe that early experiences with the power of touch are exceedingly important, so I offer Infant Massage to new parents through the Parent Education Department of Hartford Hospital. I am also on a committee to bring safe, nurturing touch into American pre-schools as a way for children to release tension and get relief from growing pains, care for one another, develop a sense of personal boundaries around touch, develop pro-social behavior and thus curtail aggression and tendencies toward violence.

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