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Joe D



15 Tanguay Ave.
Nashua, NH 03060
United States
T: 603-233-3808


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Atlantic Massage and Muscular Therapies


Offering a blend of bodywork to suit your needs, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Foot Work, Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Release, Neuromuscular Technique (NMT), Parasympathetic Massage for Deep Relaxation and Fibromyalgia, Cranial Base Release for Headaches, Proprioceptor Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Myofascial Mobilization and Reiki

Profile and Credentials        

NH State Licensed, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Member ABMP.

Philosophy and Comments        

Joe has facilitated many types of therapies at retreats throughout California for over 12 years and made them his own. A Gloucester native who traveled out west where he lived for many years, Joe is a graduate of The School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach, Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts, Santa Cruz, NHCTC in Nashua, is Nationally Certified and actively continues his education. He has had two years experience with instructing a massage therapy program and has donated his work at The Boston Marathon and other similar type events.

“Physical and mental stress reflecting in the body drives us to look for ways to regenerate. These therapies have proven to be effective at retaining structural balance, reducing pain, inducing relaxation, and promoting a sense of well-being.” Joe D’Anna

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

$60 per hour

$85 per 90 mins.

package deals, 30% off on gift certificates.

Buy 9 get 1 free!

Open 9-9 daily by appt.


"I have experienced many types of bodywork over the past twenty years, and teach some of it, so am very sensitive to the energy of the person touching me. I am so happy to have found Joe for massage, who is skilled in many techniques." - Heather Wolfe

"I had been suffering with lower back and hip pain for a long time with no relief. I finally went to Joe for some help. After he worked on me , I felt better immediately! I finally felt some relief from the pain. And with continued visits, I have been able to stay pain free...thanks to Joe!" - Carol Cooney




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