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Society of Applied Hypnosis


The Society of Applied Hypnosis is a certification and education organization for modern, professional hypnotists. The trainings and seminars we approve teach practial and effective techniques, and only by proving your skills can a hypnotist be certified. We offer introductory, advanced, specialized and trainer training.

Profile and Credentials        

The trainers certified through the SAH offer certification seminar which meet a straict set of guidelines in order to provide their students with the skills they need to progress from any skill level -- even total novice -- to highly-skilled professionals, ready to help their clients achieve their goals.

SAH-certified hypnotists and trainers have the distinction and honor of being able to tell their clients that they successfully proved their skills in order to gain their credentials.

Because all of our instructors follow the same training standards, and because the quality of their graduates reflects upon them, all Society-certified hypnotists possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide their clients with the best possible hypnosis experience.

SAH-certified hypnotists approach hypnotherapy with a modern mindset and a skill level unmatch by the average hypnotherapist working today.

Our member hypnotists are professionals whose goal is to help their clients get the results they desire.

Philosophy and Comments        

All certification though The Society of Applied Hypnosis is competency-based. We are absolutely committed to helping you beocme a powerful, effective and positive force for change and our certified instructors will do everything in their power to teach and train you to achieve that level of skill. Only when you effectively demonstrate that you meet our standars of excellence will you be granted certification as a hypnotist.

That means that, regardless of the number of hours you have spent in other trainings, you must meet our standards of competency before you can receive SAH certification.

Students who successfully complete the basic course of training and satisy the course instructor of their competence are granted the "Certified Hypnotist" (or "CH") designation.

The Society also offers certification through a skills examination. If you are an estrablished hypnotist or hypnotherapist, certified by another organization, and would like to become certified through the SAH without taking one of our approved trainings, you can make arrangements with one of our instructors to demonstrate your proficiency.

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