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Judie Herman



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United States
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Animal Communicator, Judie Herman


All animals communicate with pictures, feelings, or words. I provide you with insights and recommendations to help resolve any issues, behavioral problems, nutritional questions or questions you might have about alternative therapies. I will help you enhance your loving relationship and learn more about your animal companion’s point of view.

Profile and Credentials        

I have dedicated the last twenty years to our animal companions. I offer workshops and private consultations. My work has been featured on television, radio and in newspapers. My private consultations help people create a partnership with their animal companions through telepathic communication or “heart to heart” communication as I like to call it. I also advise people on animal nutrition and alternative therapies available for their animals. My successful methods of teaching and communicating with animals have earned the respect of professionals and animal lovers everywhere. I am available for private consultations and workshops. (941-456-9331)

Philosophy and Comments        

Animals touch our souls. If we trust our hearts, we can hear their messages. HOW CAN AN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR HELP YOU? An animal communicator can help you and your animal friends understand each other better by determining the cause of emotional and behavioral problems, pinpointing a source of physical discomfort or just giving your animals a voice. It is also helpful when your animal is ill to ask them what assistance they would like. It has been my privilege for many years to help create loving understanding between people and their animals. I simply connect with the animal mentally to inquire about your concerns and relay their beautiful messages to you. Animals are intelligent, sentient beings who have the desire to be heard and understood. Many situations can be easily resolved when you understand them from your animal’s perspective. Mutual understanding creates a deep love and respect betweens animals their people. Proper nutrition is the key to good health and a long happy life. I will aid you in sorting through and analyzing the often confusing array of foods and supplements available. I will help you select the best nutritional program suited to your animal companion’s needs. There are many therapies available to balance the body’s natural energy and restore its natural flow. I will provide you with expert analysis of these alternatives. I can advise you on which of these therapies you might want to try such as acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy or other animal care alternatives, by doing a full body scan and asking the animal what thay need.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

You may make an appointment for a phone consultation during normal Florida business hours. 9:00am-6:00pm. (941-456-9331). After the appointment is made, I ask that you write down your questions and concerns. This way we won't miss anything you want to discuss with your animal companions. Most consultations last about 45 minutes. Phone consultation fees are $45. I don't accept credit cards, but many of my clients do send thank you cards with their check.

Basic Workshop        

My basic workshop provides participants with the opportunity to deepen their relationship with their animal companions. Animals speak from their hearts and each of us has the ability to “hear” what they are telling us. Participants are provided a guided opportunity to reawaken and further develop their telepathic communication skills. They also participate in practice exercises that reinforce an awareness of this powerful tool within them. Each participant is also aided in developing a holistic approach to animal care focusing on the role of a natural diet. This total care approach also emphasizes the importance of a complementary working relationship with a holistic veterinarian, other care givers and explores alternative treatments they may offer. The workshop gives people and their animal companions a day to share communications and to create a partnership of understanding. All workshop fees are based on the workshop type and location. Please watch for my ads on the events calendar.

Advanced Workshop        

My advanced workshop takes you another step forward. It not only reinforces what you learned in the basic workshop, (required prior to this workshop) but it also stretches your horizons in non-verbal communication. Participants will further their communication skills with their own animals and learn how to communicate with all of nature. All workshop fees are based on the workshop type and location. Please watch for my ads on the events calendar.



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