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Judy Gelfert



2715 Golden Creek Lane #806
Arlington, TX 76006
United States
T: 817 277 8691


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Judy Gelfert


Judy Gelfert's paintings depict colorful scenes in broad brushstrokes inspired by her travels.

Profile and Credentials        

Judy Gelfert, from North Texas, has lived in London and Santiago de Chile, and has travelled extensively in many other countries. Her foreign destinations and experiences have become the inspiration for many of her paintings. Recently having returned to Texas, she paints many scenes of the rugged countryside where she grew up.
Judy studied art at the University of Texas at Austin, and also has many years of self-teaching behind her.

Philosophy and Comments        

Whenever I am outside, whether travelling or simply in the area where I live, I am constantly noticing the way light falls on objects, creating distinct colors, shadows, and atmospheres. Capturing these moments on canvas never ceases to fascinate and challenge me.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All of my paintings are for sale. Please visit my personal website to view my more extensive online gallery(www.judygelfert.com), and for contact information.





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