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Timothy Ganley



664 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
United States
T: 727-360-7870


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A Yoga Energy Center


A variety of yoga disciplines (hot, power, flow) in atmosphere where students obtain optimum mind, body, and spirit health. Voted "Best of Tampa Bay". Offers KaYoga – we will take you kayaking to an island to do yoga. Private yoga instruction as well as in-class privates offered and Corporate yoga. We also offer various energy modalities to include Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Massage. Workshops offered in yoga as well as sports specific, Reiki Shares and energy modalities.

Profile and Credentials        

Registered Yoga Teachers and Certified Yoga Instructors Reiki Masters and Practitioners, certified massage therapists and certified Theraputic Touch practitioners.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Yoga Energy Center is dedicated to the practice of yoga and to our students in their practice of yoga. We emphasize a holistic approach, and we encourage our students to evolve in their yoga practice as they evolve in life. That is why at our studios we offer a variety of yoga classes and why we offer yoga in an atmosphere where students may obtain optimum health of the mind, body and spirit. In assuring our students overall well-being, we offer Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and massage – we want to help our students to go through life with much greater ease and with a great attitude. Our “little community” brings balance to us and our students.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Offer Daily classes in such classes as hot flow, bikram, power, sivananda, flow, yoga with balls and bands, etc. We also offer "Sandy Feet Yoga" where we practice yoga in Mother Natures' Yoga Studio - on the beach, in the sand. Check our schedule on our web site as well as our fee schedule. Privates, in-class privates and corporate are by appointment.





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