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Karin Granstrom



Seattle, WA 98115
United States
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Dr. Karin Granstrom


The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM®) is a gentle but powerful mind-body-spirit approach to personal growth, stress reduction and healing. Its unique essence is the simultaneous use of gentle touch, imagery, reflective listening and dialogue.

These ingredients work synergistically, and many individuals, who have found regular talk therapy ineffective, have been able to quickly access and work through core issues with this body-centered therapy.

Emotions that we suppress or deny do not go away. They stay inside and affect our health and well-being. When you feel stuck in life and sense a need for change, your own body can be trusted as an invaluable source of wisdom.

With RSM you learn to listen to the body. Body awareness gets you in touch with your essence, your authentic self, and allows you to experience deep relaxation. Decoding the messages of aches and pains, tension and fatigue helps you resolve old issues, reconnect to your inner power and find clarity and inspiration.

A typical RSM session is an inward journey in a safe environment. You'll remain fully clothed, comfortably sitting in a chair or lying on a padded table. You'll experience deep relaxation, new body awareness and a sense of calm.

Profile and Credentials        

Being a physician in Sweden for 20 years (graduate of the Karolinska Institue of Medicine and Surgery in Stockholm, Sweden) opened my eyes to the impact of emotional stress on bodily health. Wanting to help people heal on a deeper level - not just giving "band-aids" for symptoms and pain, I became very interested in the emerging field of Mind-body Medicine. I was then thrilled to discover the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (www.rubenfeldsynergy.com) in the United States, a therapy approach addressing body, mind and spirit through simultaneous use of bodywork, imagery, hypnotherapy and talk therapy. I graduated from this

3(-4) year professional training 1991. Now with 15 years of experience as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®, I offer you a powerful way to connect with your inner resources, release outgrown habitual patterns and improve your relationships and your quality of life.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have a deep respect for the innate wisdom and resilience within each individual. My work is to help you discover the authentic, resourceful and joyful you that might be hiding behind old habitual patterns, emotional conflicts or physical pain, tension and fatigue. With the listening skills of my heart and my hands I create a therapeutic environment that is safe, accepting, nurturing, empowering and conducive to healing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I have a private practice as a Rubenfeld Synergist/Registered Counselor with offices in Seattle (the Roosevelt district), Edmonds and Tacoma. My hours are flexible. Sessions are usually 1 hour. Regular fee $85/hr. Introductory session special $50. Discount for prepaid sessions. Sliding scale available.


Ready for Change?        

It takes more than talk to resolve old hurts and reach your full potential. Learn to listen to your body as an invaluable source of wisdom. When ready for change, Rubenfeld Synergy might be the answer to make substantial improvements in your life.

Who heals the Healer?        

As a caregiver you are at great risk of overextending yourself, becoming burnt out and prone to disease. You may find it difficult to find time for your own needs and to reflect on new balanced solutions.

Many health professionals/practitioners know the power of the body-mind connection and find the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® extremely helpful, as it provides balance, insights and new inspiration in their personal as well as professional life.


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