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Kathryn Mannyng



Boston, MA United States




Kathryn Mannyng


I offer Events, Lessons, Recordings, and Reiki combined with Celtic harp and or voice. Relaxation and/or visualization classes for groups with or without harp and or Reiki. Corporate, nursing home, hospital, hospice, private visits.

Profile and Credentials        

Born in County Ramsey, St. Paul Minnesota, Kathryn Mannyng has been performing since she was five years old and has received international airplay. When she was a wee lass in her teenage years, she idolized Harpo Marx, and sought to imitate him. Needing an accompanist for her budding singing career, she decided to accompany herself. That was at least twenty years ago. Being a classicaly trained soprano and self-taught harper, Katy strives to meld the two worlds in her music with great success. She can go from playing a gutsy dance tune to singing and playing a classical rendition of Danny Boy in a heartbeat. She has played repeatedly on Broadway in NYC in live broadcasts live over WNYC public radio, and has performed throughout the Midwest and New England.

As a certified Reiki practitioner and professional musician, Kate's expanded future plans include continuing her opera career, and contributing to the emerging field of sound healing with reiki and harp therapeutics.

Studies are being done on the effects of sound, vibration, music, and harp music in particular, on the human body in health and sickness. Some of the documented effects have been, relaxation, temporary relief from pain and stress.

The use of the harp in this manner is consistent with the ancient uses of the Celtic harp and the different types of harp music which were laughing, crying, sleeping, and balladry.

Philosophy and Comments        

In doing music for a career for the majority of my life, I have realized that pleasure and gratification I receive is only a side benefit to being a musician. The rewards of doing music for music’s sake have become evident.

When a musician or any performer is “on” and the performance is truly clicking, that performer becomes a conduit for the music. I mean to say that the music is always there, and the performer just taps into it for the moment they are performing. They become the music, and if there is an audience, hopefully the audience taps in to it also. When a sculptor sculpts, they uncover the form in the rock by taking away what is not necessary. This is the same for musicians. Taking away the superflous and everyday is what the sculptor and musician do. Less is more. Musicians are trained to find the music at the moment by using artistic sensibilities, technique, creativity and surrender. When the extra nonsense is removed, then real communication and authenticity can take place. After all, communication is the point of any art.

In my performances I strive to turn off everything but the music, so that I can become a clean conduit for the sound to flow through. This benefits both myself and hopefully my audience. I wish to transcend the everyday world and go to a place where the only time is the pulse of the sound measuring the music.

I strive to produce in my CDs a sound that is organic in nature and close to what you would hear if I were in your house live and unamplified. I will play with amplification if desired, but with no distortion or effects. Electronics are not organic in nature in the same way as acoustic instruments, and in my opinion, are detrimental to the physical and spiritual bodies.

In my relaxation and healing sessions, I hope to illustrate that healing music can still have significant form and meaning. This is in opposiition to the glut of “healing music” being produced that is just a formula, robbing it of the human component which is the true key to it’s effects.

I encourage everyone to attend acoustic, unamplified performances to save the planet and your selves

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I strive to maintain a practical, grounded approach in my offerings which are posted on www.mannyngharp.com/perfpress.html

Please call or email for a fee schedule.





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