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Kathy Oddenino



Pittsboro, NC 27312
United States
T: 919-545-9937
F: 919-545-9945




Kathy Oddenino


Kathy offers her own trademarked technique, Neural Depolarization,a unique method of working with the nervous system throughout the body to release negative lifeforce energy. Also Spiritual Tutoring, books, seminars, classes, and study programs designed to help others learn these skills by understanding their own Spiritual Human Design.

Profile and Credentials        

Kathy Oddenino has always been a medical intuitive and capable of working with the energy of other people. She began her professional journey as an R.N., inspired by childhood experiences of remembering multiple past lives. Her life is consistent with her teachings, including her personal experiences of disease and healing. Raised on a farm in Illinois in a loving family with the good food she knew supported her Spiritual/Human Design, Kathy's intention to be a nurse was clear when she was two years old. Her 40-year-career as an R.N. and patient advocate included 12 years in transplant and immunology research, 12 years in emergency care, 12 years in nursing administration, and 4 years in clinical practice. Since 1984 she has been writing books, teaching seminars and retreats, and Spiritual tutoring with clients to help people understand who we are as Spiritual Beings.

Philosophy and Comments        

Kathy Oddenino knew she had to understand the human design to support her knowledge of the Spiritual Design. She has written and published 7 books which explain our Spiritual Human Design and the dual soul patterns we create as we evolve our male thinking mind into a conscious integration with our female loving emotions and our infinite spirit senses to support us in being healthy and happy as physical Human Beings. Her commitment is to teach her knowledge of disease prevention and healing by writing, Spiritual Tutoring, Neural Depolarization, and teaching other Basics of Health and Healing that allow us to heal ourself.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Office and Telephone Consultations are available. Call 919-545-9937 for information.





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