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Kathy Martone



1271 Lafayette Street
Denver, CO 80218
United States
T: 303 394-3928


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Dreamagik, P.C. - Kathy Martone Ed.D./ President


Kathy Martone Ed.D. is a published author and Jungian psychologist with 30 years experience. Her specialties include:

  • dream work
  • women's spirituality / dream retreats
  • inner child work
  • retreats, workshops
  • incest and sexual abuse
  • Jungian shadow work
  • couples, gay and lesbian
  • groups and individual sessions
  • shamanic journeys

  • Profile and Credentials        

    Dr. Kathy Martone is a Jungian psychologist and healer in private practice since 1986. She has served as company psychologist for a large corporation and has previously taught at Colorado Free University, Iliff School of Theology, Naropa University, and Jungian Ministries International. Steeped in the ancient traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and Celtic Spirituality, Dr. Martone is a warm and compassionate healer who has crafted a deep intuitive wisdom out of her many and varied life experiences. Her book Sacred Wounds chronicles a woman's spiritual and emotional journey through the dark memories of incest.

    Philosophy and Comments        

    I believe each of us holds within ourselves the necessary wisdom and skills required to resolve problems. Steeped in many ancient traditions of healing, I specialize in depth work designed to call forth the Healer Within.

    In and of itself, this type of work produces a clear map of the psychological and spiritual terrain, giving you a powerful and provocative look at the key players inside, bringing you a sense of awe and respect for the integrity of your entire system. Guiding you through the magical process of discovery, I incorporate a variety of techniques that will help you harvest the gifts within any painful life experience. My style is highly interactive and explorative, which often lends itself to rapid and long lasting changes as well as deep healing.

    Helping you understand your dreams and learning to contact other sources of inner wisdom as I guide you through the magical process of discovery is what I do best. Sharing a great deal of my own humanity seems to add a significant feeling of safety and comfort for my clients.

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    For information about sessions and classes please see this page

    For information about Retreats please see this page

    Sacred Wounds: A Love Story        

    Sacred Wounds: A Love Story was released June 8, 2006 in hardback as well as paperback.

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