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Andrea T. Slesiner



Reading, MA United States
T: 781-942-9579




The Healing Connection


Muxcle Release Technique (R.U.I.T.) Neuromuscular Therapy Myofascial Release Reiki Master & Shambala Reiki Master Polarity Practitioner Axiatonal Light Grid Therapy Molecular Cellular Restructuring Therapy Aromatherapist Flower Essence Practitioner

Profile and Credentials        

I have been practicing energy work for 14 years and massage for 11 years. I have been practicing and teaching aromatherapy for 7 years and working with flower essences for 6 years. Training: B.S.B.A.in Marketing from Suffolk University, Boston, MA Certified in massage from M.I.N.E., polarity, APP from Polarity Institute, aromatherapy from Jade Shute, 1995, Axiatonal work in 1999, and flower essence training from Delta Gardens, 1999.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is to help, guide and awaken your full spiritual potential on the planet. I am here to clear and release emotional baggage from your field. Most importantly I hear to guide those who are drawn to me on your path to assist you in the most affective way to bringing about balance, vitality and harmony in your life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work Monday through Saturday in Reading Square.





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