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Soul Solutions

Kenn Day


Full Spectrum Health Center • 3836 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45229
United States
T: (513) 481-3080

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Offering private sessions in Spiritual/Shamanic counseling and Body/Energywork, with a foundation of Clinical QiGong. Also trained in Shiatsu, Structural Therapy, CranioSacral and related modalities. Offering workshops on post-tribal shamanism, QiGong and Tai Chi. Taught Medical QiGong on the Faculty of the Academy of Chinese Acupunture at SHI in Lebenon, Ohio. Nationally certified QiGong and Tai Chi teacher. Certified Systemic Constellation Facilitator as of March, 2005.

Profile and Credentials        

Ohio State Medical Board License - LMT

Certified Structural Therapist

Practicing Shaman

Nationally Certified Clinical QiGong Practitioner and Tai Chi Teacher.

Certified Systemic Constellation Work Facilitator

Philosophy and Comments        

The greatest healer is the wisdom of your own body - your own Self. My job is to activate and focus the power of your body/mind/spirit to assist you in realizing and integrating your whole Self. To this end, I work with a wide spectrum of techniques - from Traditional Chinese Medical Massage and Qigong to Movement, Shamanism and breath work.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

1-7PM Mon-Friday

$100 per hour session

Published Author        

Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip

This moving and transformative road trip traces the growing friendship of a modern shaman and his companion as they explore the seductive world of synchronicity and spirits. Set amidst the backdrop of ancient European sacred monuments, the self revealing narrative invites the reader to join in the spontaneous adventures of a modern shaman, spiced with practical exercises at the end of each chapter.

$17.95 from bookstores, amazon.com or shamanstouch.com




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