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Dancing Spirit Healing Center

Kim English


3228 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818
United States
T: (916) 204-3506

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I am a natural medical intuitive with a gift for seeing to the core of physical and emotional pain. As a result, I approach "pain" with Love, compassion, and a deep understanding of its cause.

I offer my intuitive gifts to help one discover, understand, and release the "root cause" of illness, dis-ease, and life crises (pain). Through one's own efforts and willingness to heal, one begins a powerful journey to self-Love.

Profile and Credentials        

I have a Masters in Intuitive Diagnostics and a Ph.D. from The Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies. I am licensed through the Institute in personality psychology and typology based on the work of Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. ("What Color Is Your Personality").

I hold a variety of certifications in vibrational and healing modalities including Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Reconnection, and Sound. I also work with stones/crystals, flower essences, and essential oils.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe all physical manifestations of illness, dis-ease, and life-crises are caused by patterns of energetic imbalance. One’s higher self (Soul) simply utilizes the physical body to draw attention to imbalances that need to be addressed. So, the physical body becomes a symptom site for those imbalances. You might call it an early warning system. When we address the imbalances, we experience health and well-being. If we allow the imbalances to continue, we can physically manifest illness, dis-ease, discomfort, and/or life crises.

When even the smallest positive shift within one’s self occurs, patterns of imbalance begin to dissolve. Illumination replaces darkness, clarity replaces confusion, and self-Love begins to blossom. This leads to more shifting, more illumination, more clarity, more self-Love, and so on.

Through the services I offer, it is my Heart’s desire to bring a higher vibration of Love and unity to all beings.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Tuesday thru Saturday in Sacramento and Herald.

Work hours are flexible. Evening appts available.



$150 for a 1-hr reading.

$125 for a 1-hr energy medicine session.

$100 per hour after the first hour.

Cellular Detox Footbaths $35


Communication - $80 per hour.

Long Distance Healing - varies

Intuitive Energy Medicine        

I utilize vibrational healing methods such as Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Sound, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Crystals and Stones, and the EB Pro Cellular Detoxification Footbath to help release patterns of imbalance in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

I have a mentoring program for those interested in developing their intuition and healing skills.

I teach Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and a variety of other classes including Sound and Raindrop Therapy with essential oils.

Akashic Records        

I read the Akashic Records to identify the Soul’s gifts and strengths, one’s Soul families, and Soul patterns that create blocks or limitations in fulfilling the Soul’s purpose (Soul Readings). Once identified, these patterns of energetic imbalance can be cleared at the Soul level(Soul Clearings) bringing the Soul back into harmony with its Divine Truth. This literally clears away the debris the Soul has collected over many existences and helps one begin to bring the physical and energy bodies back into balance more easily.

Sacred Listening/Channeling        

I listen to the Divine wisdom of the heart and one’s higher self along with one’s angels and guides to channel information that is of most importance in the moment. This can be in response to a physical manifestation of illness, dis-ease, discomfort, or life crisis; a past life issue; questions about one’s life path; a healing session; or any number of other possibilities. Whatever the situation is that brings us together, it is always my intention to hold a sacred space where one’s highest good can be heard and communicated with Love.

Animal Communication        

Animals are no different than humans when it comes to illness. They too have emotions and patterns of thinking that create imbalance within them. This can manifest as illness and behavioral issues. By talking to the spiritual essence of an animal, I can usually discover the underlying issues and negotiate a resolution.

Like humans, animals respond well to alternative healing methods such as Intuitive Energy Medicine (Reiki, Flower Essences, Essential Oils) so I offer these services as well.

I teach Animal Communication and utilizing various healing modalities with animals.

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