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Lost Baba

Christopher johnson


asheville, NC 28803
United States
T: (828) 277-7130
F: (828) 277-7130


To listen to Kri play is to remember our legacy as spiritual beings with tumultuous desires, with an innate need to pound our feet into the Earth to raise our prayers to the heavens...on the dance floor that translates to his creating all-consuming, orgiastic rituals of dance where he pushes you past your limits to a place beyond a good party or a great time, but to a place where you can capture a glimpse of a future in which the primal and the technological fuse to bring us a passionate and fulfilling existence on a planet that survives. Heavy? Yeah, but so is the Psychedelic Goa Trance experience, and heavier still is a night filled with Kris dark, driving tracks, his momentum slowly building like a panthers body tensing each muscle till its time to strike its prey, and then, youre a goner.

Profile and Credentials        

Dj Kri has played along side: total eclipse, saiko pod, infected mushroom, x-dream, mark allen, hux flux, chris bo, magnetrixx, oryx, indiadrop, synchro, mfg, hallucinogen, kox box, delta and more.

Philosophy and Comments        

Kri is the dj who never ceases to amaze with his ability to tap into the moment and play exactly what is right. Right, that is, if you like your Trance tracks like a tidal wave, like a werewolfs howl, like a sandblaster busting open your third eye. As he comes across quiet and somewhat reserved in person, one would not, at first, realize that Kri is on a mission, a serious quest to bring Psychedelic Trance music to the people, and to bring the people to a state of enlightenment in the process. Caught up in the party scene of the 90s and gaining a reputation for his skills in mixing breakbeat and scratching, Kri left it all behind to pursue full-time the haunting promise Goa trance laid out for him. Now, he has single handedly created a devout Trance family in a tiny, southern town that had previously never heard of any such thing, orchestrating parties and gatherings whose emphasis is holistic, about the music and the magic, never getting lost in the hype or the egocentrism of the business. Starting to build a body of his own compositions, edgy pieces demanding the listener to recognize Trances primal roots, Kri is showing himself as an incredibly dedicated Goa Trance musician and dj. More and more, his skills are being sought after in places all over the country.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

2 - 4 hr sets, $300 plus travel and accommodations





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