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Laura Malfa



Katonah, NY 10536
United States
T: 914-232-7404




Laura Malfa


Laura is trained in energetic healing, counseling and Imago couples therapy with a specailty in body centered psychotherapy . She has a practice in Westchester County NY where she sees individual clients and teaches energy healing in groups. Laura's work is spiritually based and intuitive. While work may be focused on a physical or emotional concern often other areas of a persons life may addressed.

Profile and Credentials        

Laura has trained with energy healers and therapists. Roselyn Bruyere, Mary Lynch, Bonnie Rabin, Sara Rubin and Maya Kollman for Imago Couples Therapy. Along with her technical training in energy healing Laura is involved in her own process of healing. This has often proved to be her most powerful teacher and the most useful tool in her healing practice.

Philosophy and Comments        

Laura believes that physical and emotional problems have an energetic component and when discovered and cleared can free all the systems of the body to function more efficiently. We all have life force energy that travels in and around our bodies. The aura surrounds the body and energy within the body travels along energetic meridians. We each have a chakra system that allows us to take in universal life force energy and make use of it and to discharge energies that are not appropriate for us. Blocks to health and healing are present in the energetic field or chakra system before they manifest in the physical body. These blocks can also impact us on the mental, physcial, emotional and spritual levels. Healing on an energetic level will work with all these aspects of a person. Moving this trapped or blocked energy frees the body to repair and heal itself as nature intended

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Initial consultation: 1.5 hours $150 Ongoing sessions : 1 hour $120 Phone session/ Distance Healing $120 Bach Flower Blends and Phone Consult: $100 Spritual Counseling: 1 hour $100 Sacred Women's Circle: Second Wed. of the month: $20 donation

Distance Healing        

We are all connected all the time. Healing work can be done at a distance to assist a person physically and emotionally. Laura is able to scan the body at a distance and energetically align and balance the energy field and chakras as well as specific organs. This has been particullarly helpful for people who are hospitalized or for people who are unable to travel to Laura. Most people experience this work as deeply relaxing and centering.

Bach Flower Blends        

Bach Flowers have long been known to assist people dramatically on an emotional level. After a phone consultation, Laura blends together a remedy. This remedy is designed specifically for you and will assist you with movement on an emotional and psychological level.

Spritual Growth/ Counseling        

Laura is highly intuitive and will recieve guidance for you that will help you approach your life from a more spritual and soulful perspective.

Sacred Women's Circles        

Sacred circles provide women with a community to help them find spritual meaning in everyday life.

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